Thursday :: Feb 14, 2008

Moral outrage or political spin?

by Turkana

The Obama campaign is upset that the Clinton campaign is attempting to potentially win the nomination based on Superdelegates, thus thwarting the will of the people. But I seem to recall the Obama campaign claiming victory in Nevada, because the inane election rules may have awarded them one more delegate there than was awarded to Clinton, even though Clinton won the state's popular vote. I also seem to recall Obama himself having trouble deciding whether each state's Superdelegates should vote with the will of their states' voters. I guess the Obama campaign has hope no one will notice the change in thinking.

Meanwhile, Rasmussen now has Clinton leading Ohio by 14 points, while Quinnipiac has her leading Ohio by 21 points and Pennsylvania by 16 points. Rasmussen also joins Strategic Vision in showing a tighter race in Wisconsin than recently had been expected. There have been no polls from Texas for some time, and what to do about Florida and Michigan is yet to be resolved.

It is premature to presume to know who will be the ultimate winner of the national popular vote. Those who are so outraged by the possibility of one candidate winning the delegate count, while losing the national popular vote, ought to join me in calling for a national primary, based on popular vote, with no caucuses, no arbitrary vote thresholds for allocation of delegates, and no Superdelegates. Anyone complaining about the current system, without calling for such a democratic overhaul of the entire system, is only playing politics.

And since Steve is now officially on the fence, I want to reiterate and clarify what I've been saying for some time: I remain convinced that either of our candidates will make a much better president than any of the Republican candidates, I remain generally satisfied with both, and I remain specifically dissatisfied with both. On too many issues, they move in the right direction, but are too similar, and too incrementalist.

Who I vote for will still depend on who will be on my ballot, in late May. I am a pragmatist in general elections, and an idealist in primaries. I am not yet sure what my idealism will have me do, in this year's primary.

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