Friday :: Feb 15, 2008

Shootings At NIU

by Jeff Dinelli

I'm certain I can speak on behalf of the entire Left Coaster community by extending thoughts, prayers, and sympathy to the students and families of Northern Illinois University after the horrible massacre yesterday on their campus.

Apparently there seems to be a copycat urge with deranged young men around the country, following in Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold's footprints, with ghastly results. It's one thing to protect high schools by installing metal detectors, but the traditionally open nature of college campuses lend no answers to events such as yesterday's and the one at Virginia Tech.

The school's president I believe may be speaking as I write, but this isn't a news report.

Citizens of my suburban Chicago hometown are stunned and terrified. The closeness hits home very hard. My mother received her Master's at the school, my co-worker's daughter went there, along with a handful of personal friends. Many of our children here in town currently attend NIU, and at this time I don't know if they are all ok. In the end, however, cold, hard facts tell us there are 6 deaths, two kids in critical condition, several other wounded, and all surely scarred mentally.

It's a reminder of the preciousness and ultimate uncertainty of day-to-day life. All of these kids doubtless felt safe on a typical Thursday afternoon, and their parents felt secure.

I know I squeezed my children a little tighter this morning before coming to work. And part of me was thankful they had the day off for the long President's Day weekend.

If there are any Huskies out there reading, we're all with you today. Godspeed.

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