Friday :: Feb 15, 2008

Or maybe not.

by Turkana

The Washington Post's Ann E. Kornblut says the now viral report about legendary civil rights activist Congressman John Lewis's switch from support of Hillary Clinton to Barack Obama might not be a done deal.

But the Clinton campaign reported having no word from Lewis on the subject, and a spokeswoman for Lewis, Brenda Jones, said the Times story and a similar one by the Associated Press, saying he was contemplating such a switch, were inaccurate. Both the Times and AP stories quoted Lewis directly after speaking with him; he was not available for comment later Thursday. The Obama campaign also said that Lewis and Obama had not talked recently about a change of heart.

Not only that, but:

Another black superdelegate from Georgia, Rep David Scott, was also reported by the A.P. as having said he would switch from Clinton to Obama; a call to his chief of staff went unreturned Thursday night.

Needless to say, these stories will soon be clarified.

UPDATE: Scott's office confirms his switch, but Lewis remains silent.

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