Saturday :: Feb 16, 2008

Long Way to Go

by paradox

A remarkable development washed over liberal blogtopia last week, almost as surprising as the catalyst for its occurrence: amazingly, the US House of Representatives actually functioned, blocking a sickening executive power grab that prevented crown jewels of the US constitution from being so casually tossed into the wood chipper.

One would think great huzzahs of triumph and glee would resound throughout blogtopia at the stunning FISA news, but curiously a scornful, impatient chorus of Bronx cheers and catcalls rained down on the hapless reps, furious exhausted patriots completely un-impressed with Democracy implemented at last. About time, this is what happens you act like an American Reps, voices said, and they’ll revert back to their old ways soon, a Daily Kos straw poll overwhelmingly decided.

Instead of a parade of triumph to blaring trumpets at the great news Blogtopia lifted a collective weary cheek and blasted pungent flatulence over the House for it, scornful at the tiny victory in a way only possible by souls watching chumps lose for seven incredibly long years can be.

There was no accomplishment here, after all, just a surprising outcome in a process that never should have been allowed to happen. Who could be joyous after being so recently humiliated in the Senate, where in the land of alleged filibuster this monstrosity of FISA bill could not be stopped? It’s hard to be happy the House works when the Senate is as busted as ever.

Just when the House showed it worked it then instantly fell flat on its face, failed sobriety test all the way, when it humiliated the entire planet with baseball (!) hearings. It was a god damn disgrace to the human race, never mind the soul and integrity of America. I would not believe it had not so many press reports confirmed it, my God.

The virulent, pressing attack by Bush and Cheney in the last year of this horror show also has a wearying effect on blogtopia, for no matter how many times these felons horribly fail, no matter how many times they humiliate with country with crimes and death, no matter how low the approval ratings go they are ferocious in their quest for unchecked power and amnesty for any crime, nothing stops them.

Why are they lying? A very good man new to the exhausted Democratic base corps of citizenship advocacy asked, basely puzzled at why the President would so stupidly and childishly trash the character of his office and his soul for something so rankly unnecessary.

Because—Jesus save all liberal bloggers from the 1,003,000th time this farking has to be explained—Bush, Cheney and the Republicans don’t give a whit about Republic health and good governance! They advance the atrocity of FISA for no reason—and no reason only—other than to humiliate and defeat Democrats!

Of course the bill is stupid and self-destructive to the Republic; what, pray tell, have Bush and Cheney done in the last seven years that has not been? Of course they’ll lie like they breathe to pass it, when have they not? When will it ever sink it with any level of comprehension that these are Republicans in name only, they truly are “movement conservatives” who have overtaken the Party?

They don’t care about the constitution, government, truth, fair play or republic health. They serve their corporate enablers for pathetic sums, they fail spectacularly year after year but still the country tries to apply rational models to their behavior.

Well, at least this time, somehow, Steny Hoyer and the gang came through. Seven years late, guys, nice to see it isn’t the water in DC that screwed y’all up so bad, real functionality actually happens.

For too late for so much that has gone horribly wrong, yes, but a glimmer of change nonetheless, a portent, perhaps, to a real functioning Congress. Much has been written on the amazing early demographic indicators of Democratic Party success for 2008, and yet another bonged the social gong with a tectonic resonance yesterday: the Consumer Confidence index is screaming downward to levels not seen since 2001.

There’s enormous power in that number—if a politician decides to be brave enough to lead for real change. FISA never should have made it to the House, it was a horrifying monstrosity in its base elements and yet another freakoid tantrum by “Republicans” run amok, and there is such a very, very long way to go, yes, but it was change in the right direction at the very least, and there are enormous forces on the march to stop it from ever happening again, of that there is no doubt.

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