Saturday :: Feb 16, 2008

Weekend Edition of W.O.R.M.

by eriposte

First it was about having "tea".

Then it was about being "likable enough".

Then it was about the "claws coming out".

Now it's about Sen. Clinton "periodically"..."feeling down" and launching "attacks" to "boost her appeal". Lambert at Corrente says (emphasis in original):

’Cause you know how women are….

Driven by feelings…. Worried about their [sex] appeal… Prone to tears… The whole phases of the moon thing…

And did you catch the dogwhistle in “periodically”?

More on this latest episode here and here. I'm sure we'll have the usual suspects all riled up and upset about people pointing this out about Sen. Obama and hastening to chide the evil souls (such as myself) that we never ever seem to get What Obama Really MeantTM (W.O.R.M.)

P.S. As for the media itself, a few posts worth reading.

Taylor Marsh has some good words for Dan Abrams.

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