Monday :: Feb 18, 2008

Add it to The List

by paradox

In my 3,543rd iteration of what Digby said, I hope it’s abundantly clear by now what an incredible mistake it was to disenfranchise the voters of Florida and Michigan is some juvenile Party game of hardball. No, no one thought it would ever matter at the time, but disenfranchising voters should never be an option, and we as a Party may have hell to pay for blowing that risk, we really won’t know until the convention.

As a base citizen the entire Democratic Party nomination has left me greatly concerned this year in a new way, for in the past one bitched about Iowa and New Hampshire choosing the nominee in a media circus and that was it. Now one sees how absurd it is to have a duality of counting systems—either the Party all caucuses or goes for one vote, the will of the people is inherently scrambled in the present process, it doesn’t work.

Well, add it to The List, you know? There’s fifty urgent problems for the next administration to solve, a president and a people can only do so much, try to do to much and nothing will get done. As I mentally filed away another worry for the republic I suddenly wondered at the current ranking of issues on the list--what truly are the most top five pressing problems for the country and the next administration to work on?

I don’t pretend to dictate my personal national agenda to anyone or any candidate, of course not, it’s simply a ranking from this particular citizen.

Leave Iraq. I find the current opposition framing of Iraq as a non-permanent presence that leaves at the most optimum time to be virulently abhorrent, sickening in its gross absence of contrition and morality. Every American soul leave Iraq January 21st because we became murdering lying felons to get there!

We can admit a mistake, leave a regional security force in Kuwait and finally take on our dysfunctional relationship with Israel to address of one the primary instigators of trouble in the Middle East, Palestine. If we fail to behave in a moral, globally responsible manner we will fail in our security objectives, always, the two elements are inextricably linked. All else seems like disastrous chatter of denial to me.

CO2 Emissions. If we as a country and a race do not become good stewards of the earth nothing else ultimately matters, we are nothing without healthy biology.

Long ago internal combustion was named "engine," derivative of ingenuity. Ol’ Otto invented one, turned it on and folks said, hey, it works! No, it doesn’t work at all. It functions in a physical way that poisons our biology, it’s a freaking reject. Junk it.

At least as we currently understand it, lately I’ve become infatuated with bio-diesel, it’s very strange for me to so desperately want a material object: a bio-diesel hybrid. I’m damned near ready to buy a serious beefcake F-350 and the $1,500 bio-diesel kit to convert it right now, that would be some kinda good day, oh yeah.

I’m so hopeful and excited about the ability of America to take on CO2--it’s easy, it’s fun, it saves money! Not even the oil companies could ever stop us, not with some basic leadership. CO2abatement also supports a long term Middle East solution.

Health Insurance. It isn’t health care at all Americans need, they need national health insurance. Single payer, if you will, this is nowhere near a serious issue study of mine, this is just my understanding of what’s needed. Again, I’m very unimpressed with any other chatter about it.

Advocate Unionization. There are a lot of ways to combat poverty and get some desperately needed income equality back into our society, but in our time and place with our systems unions offer the best long-term solution to get more money into the hands of the little people. I find American poverty to be deeply painful and horribly shameful; I find it hard to believe so much has gone wrong that American poverty is not first on the list.

Show Government Works. Rebuild New Orleans--it’s easy, it’s a screaming crime the city has become a capitalist vulture zone, and everybody in the country is just furious this issue is still with us. Democrats desperately need to demonstrate that government can work, can work very well, in fact, for problems no other entity could ever solve.

New Orleans is ranked even ahead of the deficit to show the country and the Republicans once and for all the we as a people effectively solve problems together, this invisible-hand-trickle-down-individualism has always been a crock of shit, and it least in our lives we can make sure three generations never forget it.

[sigh] Such a very, very tall order for an incoming administration indeed, and still 11 months before any solutions to any of it can be started. The List goes on very much longer too, and others have their own rankings as well. I’d very much like to see what those are in the comments, if readers wouldn’t mind. I easily could be wrong in some perceptions or priorities, it would be good to know how others prioritize our greatest issues.

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