Wednesday :: Feb 20, 2008

Key numbers from Wisconsin

by Turkana

In an ominous sign for the Clinton campaign, Barack Obama made further inroads with Hillary's core constituency, pulling almost even with white working-class voters and white women; but the most important numbers were these, as reported by MSNBC:

When we asked if either of these candidates attacked the other unfairly, 53% said that Clinton was unfair, while only 33% said the same about Obama.

Going negative is not going to help Hillary. Her best hope is probably that undecided voters won't want to end her campaign and coronate Obama, and that the two upcoming debates will again remind people why they like her. The Los Angeles debate seemed to stop the bleeding in the polls, which had indicated potentially disastrous upset losses, on Super Tuesday. Two solid debates may do it again. She can attack Obama hard, on the issues, but anything personal or trivial is likely to backfire.

Hillary's campaign strategists have proved consistently inept, so it's impossible to guess what they will try in what could be the final two weeks of her candidacy, but it's clear that she's not going to win by tearing Obama down. She still has a lot of important support in Ohio and Texas, and even many who are wavering are favorably inclined towards her. If she pulls it off, it will be because people want to vote for her, not because they want to vote against Obama.

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