Wednesday :: Feb 20, 2008

Soon to be a Party Man

by paradox

This primary season hasn’t exactly been a beacon of joy in the annals of my life. I’m unimpressed with our candidate’s ability to fight the opposition, I write perfectly true facts that our primary voting process is “a clusterfuck” and practically get shunned for it at Kos’s place, the American journalism corps is as disgraceful as ever, while wars and poverty grind on and on.

I have the utmost respect for Smintheus of Daily Kos and Unbosssed (thank you so much, Markos, for choosing him) and I took to heart his advice to advocate my positions to the Party and candidates. I can see this ending very soon; I’m tired of being almost an outcast among my own people, and every hour it starts to feel more like betrayal, there is an extremely potent opposition out there that would like nothing better than to see the Democrats tear each other apart.

Very soon, yes, but not quite just yet. Before I become a fighter for the Party that I’m supposed to be I want to reiterate my profound belief of what is ahead of us: a huge fight. If one thinks otherwise good luck in this world, because that’s how the Republicans, the oil companies, finance and pharmaceuticals, defense contractors and insurance industry behave and operate, in the most mean visceral manner, they fight for what they want and they…will…not hand peace, equality and stewardship of the earth over with a smile. They won’t.

What have I seen so far? Two Democrats essentially in a clap game of patty-cake, patty-cake, baker’s man, win me a primary as fast as we can!

When I see precise, real policy proposals for change (America can reduce CO2 emissions 80% by 2020, not 2050, Mr. Obama) then I’ll change my mind. When I hear every American will be gone forever from Iraq in February 2009 I’ll get excited. When I see our candidates doing everything they can to protect the constitution and combat poverty I’ll get energized. Until then this is what ya’ll get.

Yes indeed, my ability to win friends and influence people with this position is as profound as ever, it is decidedly so.

Not for long, though. Soon, too soon, I will be on the team, and I’ll have to take whatever agenda our candidate hands us. That’s perfectly all right, I just hope to God they figure out by then an election’s a fight, not a contest.

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