Wednesday :: Feb 20, 2008

The McCain thing

by Turkana

I'm not into vilifying politicians over their personal lives. I somewhat agree with digby that there could be an hypocrisy angle- if this was an affair, it was taking place at the same time McCain was voting to impeach Bill Clinton; and I agree with Jane Hamsher that there's an important angle about being too cozy with lobbyists, and then doing their bidding; but mostly, I agree with Big Tent Democrat:

The two principals flatly denied the existence of a romantic relationship. No one has first hand knowledge or evidence or even can say - yes there was a romantic relationship. A responsible news organization could not possibly run this story.

What of the rest of the story? I do not know. The egregious tabloid journalism practiced by Bill Keller and the New York Times makes the rest of the article seem superfluous.

And let me make this perfectly clear, I do not care if John McCain slept with 20 women. That is between McCain, his wife and his conscience. It has nothing to do with the public. I said that about Bill Clinton. I say it now about John McCain.

However much he excites the media Tweeties, McCain is neither a saint nor a maverick, but what he does in his private time is none of our damn business.

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