Thursday :: Feb 21, 2008

Money Well Spent

by Turkana

Or something.


About $15 million — or more than half of the New York senator’s January spending — went to a cadre of high-priced consultants. Though much of the cash went through the campaign media buyer for ad time, the considerable payments to outside consultants mark an increase in a pattern that has irked campaign insiders. From the beginning of the race through the end of last month, Clinton paid the consultants $33 million — nearly one-third of the $105 million spent by the campaign.

I've said this many times: despite the heavy shrill in the blogosphere, people like Hillary. Even the new Texas Rasmussen Poll, which shows her lead all but gone, has this positive news:

Obama is viewed favorably by 75% of Likely Democratic Primary Voters, Clinton by 73%.

But she's been losing badly, since Super Tuesday. It's not because people like Obama by a significantly larger margin, and it's not because they don't like her. And she does well in debates- and she needs to do well, tonight. But back to Politico:

The January payments to (Mark) Penn’s polling firm brought its total haul from the campaign to $8 million. That doesn’t include the $2 million the campaign owed the company at the end of January or the $125,000 it paid to the fundraising consultancy run by Penn's wife, Nancy Jacobson.

Not that I feel particularly favorably inclined towards Penn, but because I'm a nice guy, I will him some advice: save as much of that money as you can; after this campaign, I have a hunch you won't be working in Democratic politics, anymore.

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