Saturday :: Feb 23, 2008

Change is Here

by paradox

Always a bold statement from an individual and community that desires and works for it so much, but as members of the reality-based community it’s critical that the general assumptions we hold about the country and electorate be constantly re-examined, being wrong means losing or historic opportunities lost. It is the latter concerns us here, for many indicators are still coming in with portents of smashing Democratic victory in 2008.

It’s not at all about being over-confident, it’s about correctly recognizing the giddy scope of victory possible and not wasting the opportunity. It’s about a historic chance to clearly articulate liberal values and bake in a new conventional wisdom of the political landscape. It’s all very exciting yes, but on this day of February 23, 2008, just what facts do we know that fuels all the bravura of these statements?

On February 15 it was reported the Consumer Confidence Index plummeted to levels not seen since 2001. Approximately 70% of the US economy is based upon consumer spending, so this closely watched critical index not only bonged out a huge warning for the US economy, but also the stupid and grossly irresponsible political leadership that got us here.

“Plummet” is not remotely the word of correct of magnitude of what happened to Bush’s approval rating in the last America Research Group poll, and incredible drop to 19% from an utterly dismal 34%. How much an outlier is it? It’s very likely this number is related to the consumer confidence news, so amazingly it probably isn’t.

Voter participation rates continue show massive Democratic advantage in the same scope of the facts above, if that were somehow possible, but the amazing numbers are right there: CA 4,416,779 // 2,565,761; CT 337,269 // 146,933; NV 117,559 // 44,315…..If anyone ever needed concrete demonstration that the state of the economy and the popularity of a president motivates voters, well, there it certainly is.

The exodus of House Republicans continues at an amazing pace, with at one point a jaw-dropping surrender of five Republican incumbents in five days, for a total of 28 in the cycle. If one views the hypothesis of great change afoot from a feisty proud liberal with skepticism, certainly the utterly bleak assessments from so many Republican political professionals should give one pause.

If things couldn’t get any worse for Republicans, their current Presidential frontrunner is mocked as “Juan McCain” by the racist right wing even as he is hopelessly entangled in sex and lies, my my my, the GOP certainly has a winner there.

Politicians are notoriously cautious souls, wary in a quickly changing, complex world where voters are often irrationally fickle. They need to be reminded gently and often that even if the American voter remains fickle for this cycle, at least, they are very much paying attention and participating, the evidence is overwhelming, and completely receptive to liberal ideas and messaging. Caution should never be thrown to the wind, but 2008 is no time at all for timidity, voters are expecting a lot more than tentative solutions to issues.

Active liberals should begin planning and saving a donation schedule for this election now, no matter how modest, any amount is always welcome. It’s repugnant that our political system is so corrupted with money, but this is the reality Americans must accept, and there is a viable workaround if enough little people engage with small amounts to combat the rampant American corporatism. This time it will be money very well spent indeed.

It was this precise factor that caused this writer to cast a vote for Barrack Obama in the California primary, this is a critical element to election 2008. Senator Obama has rightly earned enormous praise for his small donor base accomplishment, and if he only sets a precedent that little people money is necessary to win in American politics he will have accomplished a magnificent feat in his career and an enormous benefit to the country.

Most of all active and concerned liberals should remain calm and confident that simple application of basic principle will yield amazing results this year, there is nothing to fear. Nothing hold us back, either, as long as we do not attack each other, donate what we can, help in campaigns we can in any way, talk to friends, and network with family with positive happiness Americans are demanding change for the causes most dear to us.

Change is here. This time America gets a liberal and Democratic agenda to implement it.

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