Saturday :: Feb 23, 2008

Change is Here Open Thread

by paradox

Viva la Balloon Juice, eh, if the post had been up earlier in the day I would have listed it first as yet another indicator that the Democrats can crush the GOP this Fall, even to capture the big enchilada, 60 votes in Senate.

There’s vivid history just from California 2006 that—hello?—times have changed and negative campaigning almost always backfires. Schwarzenegger tried to take an Uzi to California public unions and got his ass kicked in 2005, yet when the Democratic primary came around our candidates got in a huge negative sleaze fight Californians never forgave them for. They’d rather stick with good-looking civic ass-kicking Arnie and punish obnoxious fools who can’t learn, so they did.

They’ll also instantly punish the GOP if they try it too, but they don’t have anything else. Would that be green pablano or red Colorado sauce for you?

Here at The Left Coaster we have never let rank stupidity pass without comment, these pixels never have or will construct an echo chamber. Senator Clinton going negative is akin to Vice President Gore choosing Senator Lieberman as a running mate. So dumb, so rankly unnecessary, so self-defeating.

Ultimately, what can one do? Look forward to the enchilada, that’s all, I prefer pablano sauce, chicken and Monterey jack with my 60 votes, but perhaps it’s time to try the shredded pork loin chili Colorado cheddar cheese type again. There’s also that Med variant I have with chicken, green olive, shaved almond, pablano sauce’n fresh goat cheese. [kisses fingertips] Delicious!

Please use this as an Open Thread. Stay dry, Left Coasters.

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