Friday :: Feb 29, 2008

They’re Trying to Crush Us

by paradox

By my lights by far the greatest accomplishment this election cycle goes to Senator Barack Obama for the development of his small donor base. It very well may be a distasteful necessity hopefully unnecessary in the nearest future possible, but there is no doubt that presently it is an immensely gratifying expression of Democracy, of the little people taking control of their destiny using a tactic that was supposed to be forever denied to them: money.

The corporate fiercely status quo press ignores it, of course, but the recent small donor base fundraising prowess of Senator Obama and to a lesser extent Senator Clinton in the last thirty days has been stunning, approximately $70 million in a month! Keepers of the status quo, hear the sound and quake at your desks, for it isn’t the resonance of numbers crunching, not at all, that sound is the distant rumble of feet, hordes of voters on the march in a growing roar, getting ready for September and October.

Many, many voters are precisely like myself, waiting as patiently as they can for the primaries to be over so donations can directly be used to beat Republicans. I have a $3,000 budget for this cycle, $2,300 in 23 hits for the presidential race starting in July, plus 7 $100 hits for Democrats like Darcy Burner. If I had $50,000 I’d spend it.

“They’re trying to crush us,” the Clinton campaign said in Ohio, reeling under the onslaught of paid advertising the Obama campaign has unleashed from its donor base. Given the ratios they’re being outspent on (3-to-1 Ohio, 4-to-1 Texas) I’d say that’s a precisely accurate description of what’s going on.

That walking political corpse John McCain and the GOP should watch and get used to the feeling fast, for it’s just a small episode foretelling the hurricane of cash and fury they’re going to face this Fall. Bush is the most loathed President in modern history, the country is losing two wars with the economy in a free-fall, yet these clowns and their corporate enablers actually walk around as if they have a chance this year. Dream on.

Election 2008 is just the beginning, in my 4,678th iteration of what Digby said. There is an ignored story in the incredible amounts of Democratic cash being raised, yes, but the much bigger story so frantically trying to be pushed aside is that Democratic money is just another factor in a long, long list of political variables that scream not just Democratic victory this year but landslide, Congressional and State too, not just the Presidential race, smashing Democratic victory everywhere.

Election 2008 is where Democrats and liberals bake in without any doubt whatsoever America utterly rejects the GOP and has the immediate Congressional power to implement an agenda for the little people of this country, not Microsoft. When the Clinton and Obama campaigns can raise $70 million in a month, what’s going to stop them?

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