Saturday :: Mar 1, 2008

Obama echoes Bush propaganda on Afghanistan

by Turkana

I've mostly avoided the candidate wars, of late, but this one really pisses me off. From Spiegel Online:

US presidential candidate Barack Obama dropped another hint about his foreign-policy thinking on Thursday, saying European governments had to pull their weight in Afghanistan and not rely so much on the United States to do the "dirty work" against Taliban fighters.

So far Obama hasn't said much about America's posture toward Europe, but the front-runner for the Democratic presidential nomination set a new tone on his campaign plane by telling reporters there had to be more give and take between Washington and its NATO allies.

"I've been very clear that we do need more support from them," he said, referring to NATO countries with troops in Afghanistan. "We also may need to lift some of the constraints that they have placed on their forces there."

He didn't name any countries. But Germany, Italy and Spain have been under pressure from NATO and the administration of US President George W. Bush to devote more soldiers to risky missions in Afghanistan.

(h/t Jerome a Paris)

It's infuriating when a Democratic leader- any Democratic leader- is so wrong! This plays right into Bush propaganda, and risks further antagonizing our NATO allies, by blaming them for Bush's failures!

Here's a hint to Senator Obama: it's Bush's fault, not NATO's. NATO is in Afghanistan at our behest, and the ongoing problems in Afghanistan are solely attributable to Bush's having failed to win, there. The ongoing problems in Afghanistan have much to do with Bush losing interest in getting justice for the September 11 attacks, and diverting resources to Iraq. You know this! You actually got it right, in the Austin debate, while the media responded by getting it wrong. Please tell us you misspoke. And if you didn't, here are some readings:

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In domestic political terms, this will likely register as no more than a blip. But if Obama doesn't correct this, it should register as much much more! He knows better! He proved it, in Austin!

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