Saturday :: Mar 1, 2008

Signed Up the Paint Gun

by paradox

After seeing another negative job report, watching gas and food prices go through the roof and looking at the utter wreck of our State and Federal finances I finally went to see a very good man I know, an incredibly dedicated renovation contractor. He happily took up my offer for interior paint side jobs, next time he had one it was mine.

I painted my entire house last year with a professional medium-grade pump and was shocked at how good’n speedy I was with the right equipment; I learned on steel with oil-base, latex on sheetrock is a dream. My renovator friend is the Father of one of my daughter’s pals and saw the results picking her up, offering me a job on the spot.

There’s nothing presently wrong at all, and I don’t resent resorting to side jobs, not hardly, I’m grateful I’ve got the mind and body to still do it, damn right. Just in case something doesn’t work out, just in case things really go to hell, get some more experience and references with the paint gun. A few 50-60 weeks coming, oh well.

I’ve seen six-figure Directors lose their jobs after decades of peerless service, entire floors of cube farms just suddenly become deserted after mass layoffs, guys and women who did everything right for great jobs (airline pilot) just get crushed in brutally long periods of unemployment. I remember Martin, dead 25 years early, he never did get over losing his dream job, he just couldn’t.

I’ve never been in a union, and I’ve never really considered myself in a career—I stumbled into something I can offer in the labor market, that’s all. A 50 hour week is completely the norm, so many fought and died for 40 hours and it’s never meant a thing to me. I don’t know what job security is, I never expect it. Pensions can be found in textbooks, and every day I’m so fervently grateful my family has health insurance.

I’m not complaining, not for a second. Like I said, nothing is presently wrong on the immediate horizon and I’m profoundly grateful for all the gifts society has given me, and even more for the ability to work. It’s just that in the America I know anything can happen, anything, and things do not look good out there in the economic universe of things. Not at all, and at least I have a decent-paying backup in the labor market if somehow things really go to hell.

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