Tuesday :: Mar 4, 2008

Exit poll thread

by Turkana

At Open Left, Dreaminonempty compiled exit polls from all previous states. I found this to be the most interesting section:


Democrat: 77%- Clinton 49%, Obama 47%

Republican: 3%- Clinton 29%, Obama 64%

Independent: 19%- Clinton 36%, Obama 56%

As for reports about today's exit polls...


Hillary Clinton holds a two-to-one advantage over Barack Obama with Hispanic voters in Texas, while blacks are overwhelmingly supporting him in Tuesday’s Democratic presidential primary, according to CNN’s exit poll.

Mark Halperin:

In the Democratic primaries, independents were about one in five voters in Ohio, one in four in Texas, a third in Rhode Island and four in 10 in Vermont.

The Trail (Washington Post):

In Texas, Hispanic turnout was up from 2004, when Latino voters made up about a quarter of all Democratic primary voters. Union members currently make up a smaller share of the Ohio electorate than they did four years ago.

In both states, more voters say Clinton has offered clear and detailed plans to solve the country's problems than said so about Obama. But voters were also more likely to say Clinton has attacked Obama unfairly.

And in national tracking polls, Gallup has Clinton pulling even; Rasmussen now has her with a two point lead.

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