Tuesday :: Mar 4, 2008

Clinton wins Ohio, Rhode Island, and Texas; Obama wins Vermont

by Turkana

CNN calls Vermont for Obama and McCain.

CNN calls Ohio for McCain. The Democratic race probably won't be called for a while.

If exit polls are accurate, Clinton won Ohio by about 5 points. But never trust exit polls...

The numbers are trickling in. Very early returns have Obama up, in Texas, but there are no exit numbers, and there is no explanation of where the votes are from.

Okay- the early Texas returns are largely from Obama strongholds, in Austin, Dallas, and Houston.

McCain is winning everything, and there are reports that Huckabee will concede, tomorrow. Bush will officially give McCain his blessing. Let's hope for another big hug. The more McCain is seen embracing Bush, the better.

Obama's huge early lead in Texas is steadily shrinking, as returns trickle in from the west and more rural areas. The early numbers were mostly from the big cities- Obama strongholds. But CNN also now has its exit exit poll posted. If it is accurate, women will give Clinton the win by about 1.4%.

Also calculating from the CNN exit poll, and also because of strong support from women, Clinton should win Ohio by about 3.25%.

If this plays out, Clinton will have won the night. Of course, the corporate media hacks and the Obama fanatics on the blogs still will call for her to drop out of the race- MSNBC's anchors are already spinning it that way, but their hatred of Clinton has been so embarrassingly unprofessional that nothing they say should be taken seriously. But even if these exit polls pan out, and Clinton does win both big states, and the media frames it as a Clinton defeat, they will have only proved, once again, their widespread bias. Wins are wins. Period. Even Bill Richardson has backed off his previous claim that Clinton needed huge margins, tonight. Whatever the media tell you, if these numbers hold up, Clinton has won, and is back in the race. Of course, you will have noticed how many times I said if these numbers hold up. Because these are only exit polls, and the numbers are close enough that Obama can still pull this out.

If these Vermont numbers hold up, Obama will only gain a three delegate lead. That's less than many had expected.

CNN has called Rhode Island for Clinton.

Also according to the CNN exit poll, those who decided in the last three days went for Clinton 61%-38% in Texas, and 55%-44% in Ohio.

Ohio (7:55 PST- CNN calls it for Clinton):

Clinton 1,080,439 55%
Obama 842,994 43%

92% reporting

Texas (9:53 PST- CNN calls it for Clinton):

Clinton 1,300,899 51%
Obama 1,205,310 47%

84% reporting (at 7:47 PST Clinton took her first lead, in Texas)

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