Thursday :: Mar 6, 2008

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by Turkana

News 14 Carolina:

The body of a young woman found Wednesday morning was identified as Eve Marie Carson, the student body president of UNC Chapel Hill, police said Thursday.

Carson, 22, of Athens, Ga., was found shot several times, at least once in the head, around 5 a.m. Wednesday at the intersection of Hillcrest Drive and Hillcrest Circle. Carson was a Morehead scholar and a senior at the university.

Los Angeles Times:

Stanford University called about Jamiel Shaw a week or so ago, intrigued by the slight but speedy running back for Los Angeles High School, the Southern League's most valuable player last year. Rutgers University called a few days later.

The Shaw family already had reason to be proud. Jamiel's mother, Army Sgt. Anita Shaw, was on her second tour of duty in Iraq.

On Sunday night, it was Jamiel's father on the phone and then his son's girlfriend, Chrystale Miles. Jamiel Sr. called to tell him to hurry home from the mall. The 17-year-old boy was three doors away when someone shot him to death while he was still talking on his cellphone to Chrystale, friends say.

Jamiel Sr. heard the shots almost as soon as he hung up. He ran out of the house, raced around the corner and found his son lying on the sidewalk, bleeding.

"She's over there trying to protect us from guns and bombs, and then she has to hear that her son is dead over here," he said of Anita on Monday. "I've got my own personal Iraq now."

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