Friday :: Mar 7, 2008

Thoughts on Samantha Power

by Turkana

It was reported yesterday that Obama foreign policy adviser Samantha Power had called Hillary Clinton a monster. This was deplorable and inexcusable. Even so, I didn't believe she should be fired. Last night, the Obama campaign decried the comment, and Power apologized. Today, Power resigned form the campaign, effective immediately.

The reason I didn't want Power to resign is that I think she is too important to lose. I had hoped an apology would suffice. In retrospect, a resignation may have been necessary, in the context of a campaign. But I hope Obama will continue to consult with her, and should he win, I hope she will be part of his administration. Samantha Power is no political hack. Samantha Power is a Pulitzer Prize winning scholar on genocide.

As anyone who has followed my posts here knows, Kenya was just on the brink of genocide, and barely averted it. The Bush Administration has called Darfur genocide, but done nothing about it, for which Bush feels no remorse. This country needs people like Samantha Power inside the halls of government. Despite this stupid mistake, she is a fine person, and can be an important asset to the entire world.

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