Saturday :: Mar 8, 2008

Saturday Night Roundup

by Turkana

  • How bad is it for Republicans? Democrat Bill Foster just won Denny Hastert's old Congressional seat!
  • Barack Obama has won the Wyoming caucuses. It looks like he'll get a 7-5 advantage in national convention delegates.

  • Some Obama supporters are celebrating that their hero won more delegates in Texas, despite having lost the popular vote by more than 100,000 votes. Clearly, they care more about the absurdly arbitrary delegate allocation system than about the expressed will of the people. That's fine. That's how the system works. But the system also includes the absurdly arbitrary superdelegate system, which can overturn the results of the absurdly arbitrary delegate allocation system.

    As Big Tent Democrat puts it:

    If you insist that Obama won despite the fact that more people vote for Clinton, you have destroyed the false moral legitimacy of the pledged delegate leader argument. That is happening already of course but nothing will accelerate it more than insisting, as the dkos denizens do, that Obama won Texas despite losing the popular vote. Can anyone say Bush v. Gore?

  • At Truth & Progress, the inimitable OrangeClouds115 interviews Harry MacCormack, the Father of U.S. Organic Standards.
  • Another peaceful resolution to a potential crisis. Notice how these happen when Bush isn't involved?

    Agence France-Presse:

    Latin America breathed easier Saturday after Colombia and Ecuador found a peaceful resolution to a crisis that fiery Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez helped stir and then quell.

    To general surprise, Chavez, who only days earlier was stoking the fires by ordering his own troops to Colombia's border, intervened during a tense summit Friday to ease regional tensions, setting himself up as the agent of peace.

    "We cannot continue to blow the winds of war," Chavez declared at the Rio Group summit in Santo Domingo after Ecuadoran President Rafael Correa and Colombia's US-backed leader Alvaro Uribe traded recriminations.

  • Another diplomatic leader. Or not.


    President Vladimir Putin has warned that relations between Russia and the West will not be any simpler under his successor Dmitry Medvedev.

    "I do not think our partners will have it easier with Medvedev," Mr Putin was quoted as saying.

    The outgoing Russian president made the comments after talks in Moscow with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

  • BBC:

    Serbia's Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica has said his coalition has collapsed and is calling for elections.

    The move follows his failure to get his cabinet to reject closer ties with the European Union in the wake of Kosovo's declaration of independence.

    Mr Kostunica, a nationalist, has described the decision by EU states to recognise Kosovo as illegal.

    Serbian President Boris Tadic has said he will call elections, but did not set a date for the poll.

  • And my favorite story of the week, from Spiegel Online:

    Emotions against IKEA are running high in Denmark, where researchers claim the wildly popular Swedish home furnishings company only names cheap doormats and wall-to-wall carpeting after Danish towns, reserving Swedish names for its more expensive furniture. The discovery has the proud Danes itching for revenge.
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