Tuesday :: Mar 11, 2008

Career Liberals Do Have Agendas

by Turkana

With the usual dishonest voices trying to smear Hillary Clinton as a uniquely dirty smear merchant, for campaigning hard against Barack Obama, the incomparable Daily Howler offers this:

HOW INSISTENTLY THEY FORGET: The question had Kevin Drum puzzled. Has any attack during a primary campaign later been used, in the general election, against the winner of that primary? Kevin raised the question on Thursday; he related it to Clinton’s comments about Obama’s readiness, and to one of Obama’s rebuttals. Yesterday, after three days of study, he raised the question again:
DRUM (3/9/08): The question, rather, is whether or not general election candidates use the primary attack itself as fodder for their campaign. As in, "Even my opponent's fellow Democrats believe...”

And huzzah! After several days of study, Kevin gave his answer. There have been examples of this sort of thing, Kevin said—“but apparently not very recently and not very often.” Kevin offered four examples of this phenomenon—from 1964, 1972, and 1980 (twice).

Good God. Our analysts came to us sobbing, all saying one thing: How quickly pseudo-liberals forget!

Have attacks made during a Democratic primary ever been used in the general election? Duh! Let’s return to Campaign 2000, when this happened to a well-known fellow—a fellow named Candidate Gore.

Readers, it’s October 2000. Thanks to losers like Bob Herbert, Gore is being trashed as a Big F*cking Liar again, this time in the wake of the first Bush-Gore debate. In the Washington Post, David Von Drehle writes (yet another) long piece reviewing Gore’s troubling history. And because he was alive on this planet, Von Drehle mentioned Bill Bradley’s attacks on Gore during that year’s Dem primaries. He also mentioned what Bush had been saying, repeatedly, out on the trail:
VON DREHLE (10/8/00): By the time former New Jersey senator Bill Bradley began thinking about challenging Gore for this year's Democratic nomination, he and his staff were convinced that the truth factor would be important in their race. "It was a big deal to us," a Bradley adviser says. The Bradley team perked up when Time magazine reported that Gore had bragged of his role in creating [sic] the earned income tax credit—a law passed long before Gore entered Congress.
"Why should we believe that you will tell the truth as president if you don't tell the truth as a candidate?" Bradley demanded in a New Hampshire debate with Gore. This has become a favorite quotation in Bush's rhetoric.

This has become a favorite quotation in [Candidate] Bush's rhetoric. Again, this happened during Campaign 2000. Readers, do you remember that one? The one two elections ago?

Why were our analysts sobbing on Sunday? Readers, must you ask:

Here at THE HOWLER, we’ve spent the past nine years developing and presenting information about that campaign. We’ve endlessly discussed the role played by Bradley during the primaries, in which his attacks on Gore’s troubling character descended to the level of sheer demagoguery. (“Willie Horton,” he said. Just astounding.) People like Kevin have to work very hard to be so clueless about these affairs. But let’s be honest: Over on the “career liberal” side, your “leaders” are willing to work quite hard to serve you so remarkably poorly. Of course, it’s also possible that Kevin is simply deceiving you. Career liberals do have agendas.

Read the entire post. And today's offering is half about the media fluffing of John McCain, and half about more media sliming of Hillary Clinton.

Once again, I have no problem with honest criticism of a flawed candidate. I do have a problem with the rampant dishonesty that has come to typify the criticism of Hillary Clinton by certain prominent supposedly-liberal bloggers.

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