Thursday :: Mar 13, 2008


by eriposte

One thing I find interesting is the repeated mention of Whitewater by some Obama supporters - raised in a way that suggests there was some wrongdoing on the part of the Clintons. It is as if they slept through the 1990s and the panty-sniffing and extraordinarily costly investigations of Ken Starr (among others). The latest incident involves a member of Sen. Obama's GLBT Leadership Council, Maxim Thorne. Thorne just resigned from the position this week after a garbage email he had sent to some listservs about Sen. Clinton got exposed in the press (and yes, Sen. Obama did distance himself from Thorne's email). You can click here to read the email and a brief story on his resignation. The email is fairly predictable - it is the kind of junk that one generally expects to see in Daily Kos and Free Republic diaries. Outside of the Obama camp's continued obsession with Bill Clinton's sex life (which has always been a defining characteristic of depraved conservatives, GOPers and media talkingheads) there is the usual ultra-sexist crap in Thorne's email - i.e., casting Sen. Clinton in poor light for her husband's cheating (an altogether common behavior amongst fake progressives). Thorne's email also says - "Where was the judgement ....on whitewater?"

As a small reminder, it is worth recalling this:

The President of the United not on trial. Why isn't the President of the United States on trial? Why isn't he on trial? Because he didn't set up any phony corporations to get employees to sign for loans that were basically worthless. He didn't get $300,000 from Capital Management Services like Jim and Susan McDougal did by falsely claiming their use....The President didn't backdate any leases. He didn't backdate any documents. He didn't come up with phony reasons not to repay the property. He didn't lie to any examiners, he didn't lie to any investigators. It's another act of desperation, ladies and gentlemen. [They] are trying to drag the President of the United States into this courtroom [....] hide behind the President by claiming that you must in some way make a bad judgment concerning the President to convict them, and I submit to you that's not true.

No, that is not the statement of Clinton's defense lawyer. That is the statement made to the jury in mid-May 1996 by Ray Jahn, one of the key prosecutors in independent counsel Ken Starr's investigation of the Clintons (see page 243 in "The Hunting of the President: The Ten Year Campaign to Destroy Bill and Hillary Clinton" by Joe Conason and Gene Lyons; you can even watch the documentary of the same name or read sites like The Daily Howler to find out how another separate independent investigation exonerated the Clintons in 1995). That's just to the tip of the exoneration iceberg that some progressives are apparently unaware of and I find it less than amusing that some Obama supporters keep raising doubts about the Clintons on Whitewater the way most of the rabid and fraudulent right-wing and traditional media did in the 1990s. As they say....the company you keep.

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