Friday :: Mar 14, 2008

Friday Night Frazzle // Open Thread

by paradox

Buenas noches, amigos. So this is what a primary season feels like that goes on and on and on, dern, one wonders how our people plan to keep it up for even the next six weeks, let alone the convention, but they seemed determined to try.

/* Wire to wire for that TV show The Wire, it ran its whole length without me ever seeing a second of it. Same with The Sopranos, Sex in the City, The Simpsons, hell, I’ve never seen anything unless it’s on The Discovery, History or Food Channels.

One of our readers used to yell at me to enjoy my TV, digibustus, remember that guy? At least I actually watch TV now, and y’all can smile, I still think it is an evil box of terribly subtle powers. Michael Deaver used to watch Reagan on TV with the sound off and get his jollies at the gleaming corporate transmission of his sets, he knew you didn’t even need sound to use to power of television.

/* Another weekend is here and it’s still on my list to find a great farmer’s market that I consistently support every week. I wish I didn’t have to carve time out for finding local food, but there isn’t a place to find it every day.

I’m very hopeful that the internet can facilitate a data/delivery model that can deliver local food viably. I’ve thought about starting a bread business (not too seriously) with home delivery on electric scooters, all the ordering done over the web for a 5 mile radius market. The web can make micro models work, and it still might hold an answer for micro local food delivery/distribution.

/* I remembered with great sadness the last two weeks the autobiography of Katherine Graham, a great work and one that my sister, a corporate attorney, almost held over her head for three weeks as she endlessly told everyone how great the work was.

Gone just a few years and her paper publishes articles such as Why Are Women So Dumb? while ignoring women writers. It’s sad, Katherine gave her life for that paper and her son can’t even acknowledge her existence in any way. Good luck going to the grave with that one, Donald.

Night, Left Coasters, please use this as an open thread. See you tomorrow.

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