Monday :: Mar 17, 2008


by Turkana

I've been hesitant to write anything about the Jeremiah Wright story, because from what I've seen on other blogs, it is impossible to discuss it rationally. The first polls indicate that it could be toxic to Barack Obama's candidacy. This is clearly understood within Obama's inner circle: he will give a major speech on race, tomorrow, in Philadelphia.

Glenn Greenwald is absolutely right that there is an obvious and inexcusable double standard in the way the corporate media have covered Wright and the way they generally gloss over the extremist rants of conservative white evangelicals. I'm guessing you've heard virtually nothing from the corporate media about John McCain's embrace of many of the latter. But as has been the case with the corporate media's relentless attacks on Hillary Clinton, this is not only about a lack of fairness, it's about the political fallout. Those Obama supporters who have shown little sympathy for Clinton, as she routinely faces this hostile media, might now begin to appreciate that we Democrats are all in this, together. Fair or not, Obama's speech tomorrow, and how the media cover it, will be perhaps the biggest test yet of his candidacy.

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