Sunday :: Mar 23, 2008

Parable of Impatience

by paradox

It has been stated with granite implacability that the bailout of the banking and finance industry—already radically taking place, hundreds of billions of public money simply tossed up to the winds without the bat of an eyeball—must of course happen, there simply couldn’t be an America without crooks and swindlers laughing as they stole other people’s money. Just as the earth is round, George Bush is a felon, the sky is blue, the San Francisco Giants are not going to the playoffs, so we must bail out the bankers and financiers.

It’s as if this Uncle shows up for Easter dinner every year in a plaid suit, says your hair is long and that the free sex kids of today spread AIDS. Since it’s an election year today after a few sexist slurs we’ll hear what a bitch Hillary is and how Bush had more experience than Obama before he ran for president. Every single year for the past 20 years he’s been precisely the same: provocative, offensive, greedy, the definition of overindulgent arrogance.

This year, however, an hour before all the guests show up Father sits everyone down with an extremely grave face. Turns out Uncle Nuclear Obnoxious signed up everyone in the family and all of his fortune to a scam. He’s broke, the family lost all of its money, and the best part is the family has to pay off his con men so he can actually keep his job. No one would ever think of having the lying crook lose everything and set up a cot in the garage, so it has to happen this way.

The rest of the family shows up an hour later, here comes Aqua Velva with tales of hippies and the sexy animalism of the free market, yet the other Aunt and Uncle in the family are totally silent about Mr. Total Fuckup, absolutely nothing is said about how he’s ripped them off and how we’re damn well never putting up with this crap again. No, even though they’ve been loudly critical of him for years and he’s horribly hurt them, amazingly the holiday simply passes on without comment on the debacle.

I went to the Hillary Hub and the Obama Town Hall this morning and there is nothing, nada, crickets, the sounds of silence, ay curumba zero on the collapse and bailout of Bear Stearns and the $200 billion unsecured revolving fund the Fed set up for the banking industry. Seriously, how is this possible?

De-regulation has been a central tenet of Republican orthodoxy for thirty years, they bludgeoned the public into accepting private profit for socialized losses and when it turns out they’re total charlatans who—automatically, somehow—get bailed out with tens of billions of our…money…Democratic candidates for President of the United States have no comment?

If the United States can bail out banks the country can bail out homeowners, can it not? Why can’t an industrial policy be set up for the automobile industry so our people can keep their jobs and we become independent of foreign oil? If we bail out banks does it in fact mean that government is an absolutely necessary element of life that is a great good thing? No comment.

I’m getting seriously impatient with the execrable excuses for this appallingly weenie political behavior. One could guess—one has to, you know, since neither candidate can lead on it—that Clinton doesn’t want to offend New York money and that Obama won’t take on the fight, calling out these crooks and defining elements that must be combated for societal success just doesn’t fit in with an optimistic campaign.

In the last four months two immediate family members have been hospitalized, I started a new job, paid off credit cards’n filed taxes, cooked and cleaned and shopped, performed public service, I washed the cars yesterday after feeding and mowing the lawns, I’m ready for Easter dinner with a great menu plus two dozen fresh tulips on the table for the total Jesus holiday and what is my morning consumed with?

Waiting. Waiting eternally for Democratic leadership to stand up and fight for our people when they’ve been abused, to get angry like they’re supposed to when our people have been ripped off by sleazy crooks and fight, fight for the love of baby Jesus for our people, total silence isn’t my idea of defending and advocating Democratic principles! Arrrrrrrrrgh!

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