Tuesday :: Mar 25, 2008


by Turkana

At MyDD, diarist Tom Rinaldo gets it exactly right:

Current Attack Meme Lie Number One:

"Hillary has no chance of winning" feeds into...

Current Attack Meme Lie Number Two:

"Hillary must now only be in this to make Barack Obama lose the election" (so she can run in 2012) which feeds into...

Current Attack Meme Lie Number Three:

"Hillary really wants McCain to become President and hopes to be in his Administration"

These are the current talking points being used to take down Hillary Clinton. They have been seeded into the echo chamber. It doesn't matter that they are lies, they are good ways of tearing Hillary Clinton down.

The facts are these:

1) Despite the lies and the selectively quoted data, Hillary Clinton can still win the popular vote. Barack Obama's apparently successful disenfranchisement of the voters of Florida and Michigan does not completely negate that possibility. It is is a long shot, but it is still possible. Even more to the point, many Democratic voters have yet to participate in this year's election. Including myself. However much some Obama supporters want to simply wish away the upcoming primaries, the voters still get to vote.

As much as some Obama supporters love to ridicule and post-parse the Clinton campaign's obvious attempts to downplay the importance of states she lost, they do the exact same to the states she won, and to the states that have yet to vote. The will of the voters cannot be known until the voters have all voted, and Clinton has every right to continue trying to prove she is the choice of the people. Let me repeat myself: her succeeding is a long shot, but it is still possible.

2) Despite the post-parsing of everything she or her husband says, Hillary Clinton will support Barack Obama, should he secure the nomination. She and her campaign staff have said that, repeatedly. Despite the lies and distortions propounded throughout the shrillosphere, the Clintons have worked their entire adult lives for the betterment of the Democratic Party, and they will continue to do so. Unlike the many Obama supporters who say they will not support her, should she secure the nomination, Hillary Clinton cares about what's best for the Party and the country.

It is fashionable, in some circles, and on some dishonest blogs, to dehumanize and demonize the Clintons. Some of us remember how the right wing attack machine attempted to do that. Some of us remember how the corporate media attempted to do that. Some of us understand how The Great Convergence has turned some prominent blogs and some prominent bloggers into mere clones of the right wing and corporate media attack machines, but that doesn't make their lies true.

3) Hillary Clinton would never be a part of a McCain Administration. She may say nice things about the man, but she always makes clear that she has strong differences on policy. To blindly assert that she would abandon a lifetime of work and a lifetime of values to work in a McCain Administration is delusional speculation. To some bloggers, delusional speculation is indistinguishable from reality. But it is not reality.

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