Tuesday :: Mar 25, 2008

Worse to Worst

by Turkana

Things could be about to rapidly devolve from worse to worst, in Iraq. Earlier today, it was reported that Moqtada al-Sadr was calling for a civil revolt against the U.S. and Iraqi government security forces; but civil didn't last long, as Basra is already the site of fierce attacks between al-Sadr's Mahdi Army and the Iraqi government's military. Pretty much everyone agrees that the Mahdi Army's unilateral six month cease-fire was one of the key factors in the relative decrease in violence, towards the end of last year; and al-Sadr's extension of the truce was hailed as a significant reason for hope. That could be finished.

With thanks to iamcoyote, who got it from Atrios, the Christian Science Monitor is reporting:

"The cease-fire is over; we have been told to fight the Americans," said one Mahdi Army militiaman, who was reached by telephone in Sadr City. This same man, when interviewed in January, had stated that he was abiding by the cease-fire and that he was keeping busy running his cellular phone store.

It's anecdotal, but it fits what's happening. Violence in Iraq has again been steadily increasing, this year, and it might be about to explode.

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