Friday :: Mar 28, 2008

America Is Afraid of Nipple Rings; Go Back to ESPN, Olbermann

by Jeff Dinelli

How can anyone expect this country to hold a mature, issues-driven campaign for president, to stop an idiotic and illegal war in Iraq, to stop the corporate takeover of everything, to figure out what to do in Afghanistan, to come up with a sensible and desperately needed humanistic approach to Africa, to lead a world-wide environmental movement to save this doomed planet, to save us from an impending economic disaster, to keep a mental midget wanna-be cowboy from shredding our constitution, to provide its citizens affordable health care, a decent infrastructure, or get a handle on any number of crises, if it believes harassing a woman with nipple rings is going to make people safer?

One thing I am happy about? Others are starting to realize how much Keith Olbermann and his television show sucks.

I'm tired.

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