Sunday :: Mar 30, 2008

Won’t Be Fooled Again

by paradox

“We’re succeeding in Iraq, I don’t care what anyone says,” John McCain recently pouted. Democrats should take very well to heart that in America, land of television, what anyone says often doesn’t mean a damn thing. At least seven US Army Humvees were recently handed over as pure gifts to Muqtada al-Sadr from US-trained Iraqi forces, and when video comes forth of showing Iraqi factions driving around US equipment cash-strapped American taxpayers wouldn’t believe Jesus Christ if he told them Iraq is a success.

Senator McCain will count himself very lucky indeed if that’s the worst to be seen from Iraq in the coming weeks, for if American forces add infantry to the drones and F-16’s being used now in whatever side we’re on this week the YouTube generation is going to watch Americans drop to corpses in Iraqi city streets with blown-up American equipment in flames, no matter what the networks do or how effectively the Army hides our people coming home in coffins at Dover.

John McCain can get away with saying anything, we’re often told, but one notices that in blue-blood Republican fashion he never says anything to help our people—not in the Armed Forces, not for the unemployed, the wretchedly poor, nothing for those who have lost their homes, nor anything for those who are horribly hurting from no health insurance. John McCain is plain McSame of Bush, when he isn’t he’s like Emeril, kicking it up a notch.

In a land where 28% approve of the President and 70% think we’re on the wrong track bellicose blathering that only represents more lakes of criminal blood is never going to work. Those incredible record-shattering numbers are there for a very good reason, Americans damn well knew we’re up the creek, corporate American propaganda can ignore human pain only so much, and no matter how offensively American “journalism” ignores the plight of our people the game is up, it has been for a long time.

It should be highly emphasized that the current recession is just beginning, very soon job losses are going to swell to over 100,000 a month, heralding the event where George Bush officially takes the crown from Harry Truman as the modern President with the worst approval rating ever. Iraq this very second is blowing up into more utter failure, if that’s possible, while inflation spirals upward, the housing crisis rages unabated and 29 House Republicans are too afraid to even run, one of them flatly stating Bush has trashed the Republican brand.

If the analysis of 2008 looks bleak for McCain and Republicans now, wait a few months.

There is absolutely nothing to fear for Democrats in 2008, nothing, this is our time and our election. One day the Democratic Party will have a nominee, and in the land of television a week is an eternity in campaign time, by September 1st the Democratic convention will be long forgotten as the nominee and Party campaigns for wins in the White House, Senate and House, all eventually to be held by Democrats in 2009.

The only issue is the magnitude of victory, and it has long been my position that current Democratic Presidential candidates are reaching for far too little, absurdly cautious to the point of incompetence in not realizing the incredible scope of opportunity before them. As the food and shelter lines grow to horrifying lengths around city blocks the moral implications of caution will inevitably start to take hold, and woe to the alleged politician Christians who remain timid or inactive in the face of that.

Since the Republican Supreme Court stole the election as a passionate Democrat I’ve had to watch my party utterly fail and thus I became a Deaniac, supporting a man sharply repudiating everything to do with DC Party leadership, remember? Then John Kerry, to my eternal shame as an American—I’m not kidding—could not beat the whelp of Satan, George Bush. After the liberal (it’s a great, noble word I’m fiercely proud of, Senator Obama) base busted its ass—even after terribly demoralizing defeat just two years earlier—to help elect a Democratic Congress not only were Reid and Pelosi ineffective in stopping the war, they endlessly humiliated me and themselves with FISA obsequiousness. Now the party hands me a busted nomination process for 2008.

Yet I am still proudly here, happy with the long liberal heritage of the Democratic Party and confident that new forms of media and tools via the blessed internet can and will initiate real liberal change for America. How much of this new power was sufficient to finally (!) change Democratic behavior on FISA? Impossible to say, but the conduit of influence from the internet tubes wasn’t polite and hand-holding on what the Democrats should have done, ah, no, it wasn’t, and the impetus of change came from somewhere.

Americans won’t be fooled again with 100 more years of defeat in Iraq McCain. The issue is the magnitude of Democratic victory in 2008, and that will be achieved only by the magnitude and boldness of change the Democratic nominee is willing to propose to somehow get the country out of the flaming incredible mess its in. As our people suffer and die I’m not going to sit here quietly if Democrats don’t fight and reach for more change with this amazing opportunity right before them.

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