Tuesday :: Apr 1, 2008

Some Election Reads for Today

by eriposte

Wayne Barrett writes in the Huffington Post: "Could the Republicans Pick the Democratic Nominee? -- The Untold Story of How the GOP Rigged Florida and Michigan"

Anglachel: "Bunker Mentality"

FrenchDoc at Corrente has the next edition of "Why Hillary Should Be President (WHSBP) - Untold Stories" focusing on human trafficking and the Vital Voices initiative. She also has another piece focused on mercenaries.

Davidson at Corrente writes about an Elizabeth Drew article in the New York Review of Books - the kind of appalling article that has become more of a norm these days among so-called "liberals": "NYRB: CDS Edition". During the Bush era, there was a distinctive group of people who stood out for their complete lack of honesty and lack of connection to reality. They were casual fabricators and their writings reflected a total contempt for facts - "faith-based" was the phrase used to describe their behavior. Statements like - Saddam was linked to 9/11, Bush is an honest President, and so on - were the hallmark of this crowd. Their modus operandi was also to repeat a lie again and again so that it got characterized as the truth. The progressive blogosphere used to routinely detest and mock such people. Elizabeth Drew's NYRB piece which Davidson focuses on reminds me of the faith-based crowd in the way she discusses the nature and tactics of the Clinton (bad) and Obama (good) campaigns. It reflects a deep contempt for the fundamental tenets of journalism. At least with so-called "progressive" faith-based bloggers (who have made such outrageous and false claims - and some of whom are not unfazed about their contempt for voters when they compare the votes of 1.7 million Floridians to a pre-school ballot) one tends to discount these things. Drew happens to be a person who is an author of multiple books. Key parts of her article remind me in many ways of the writings of the right-wing blog Power Line that was widely mocked in the "progressive" blogosphere for years. Davidson has more. (In a related note, we've fallen so far that, as Big Tent Democrat says, "The Truth Hurts").

Big Tent Democrat has a spot-on post with this rhetorical question to which the answer is pretty clear - "Do They Hate Clinton More Than They Care About the Democratic Party?" (Taylor Marsh has more on "Name That Blogger").

Finally, this is pretty sad.

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