Thursday :: Apr 3, 2008

Doing The Job As Well As Bush Does

by Turkana

There's good news, from Iraq. The Iraqi "government" appears to be capable of running a military operation. Well, it seems to be as capable as is the Bush Administration, anyway. The New York Times explains:

The Bush administration has portrayed the Iraqi offensive in Basra as a “defining moment” — a compelling demonstration that an Iraqi government that has long been criticized for inaction has both the will and means to take on renegade militias.

The operation indicates that the Iraqi military can quickly organize and deploy forces over considerable distances. Two Iraqi C-130s and several Iraqi helicopters were also involved in the operation, an important step for a military that is still struggling to develop an air combat ability.

But interviews with a wide range of American and military officials also suggest that Mr. Maliki overestimated his military’s abilities and underestimated the scale of the resistance. The Iraqi prime minister also displayed an impulsive leadership style that did not give his forces or that of his most powerful allies, the American and British military, time to prepare.

“He went in with a stick and he poked a hornet’s nest, and the resistance he got was a little bit more than he bargained for,” said one official in the multinational force in Baghdad who requested anonymity. “They went in with 70 percent of a plan. Sometimes that’s enough. This time it wasn’t.”

As the Iraqi military and civilian casualties grew and the Iraqi planning appeared to be little more than an improvisation, the United States mounted an intensive military and political effort to try to turn around the situation, according to accounts by Mr. Crocker and several American military officials in Baghdad and Washington who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Overestimating and underestimating. Impulsive and unprepared. Sounds familiar. Sounds like Maliki has learned all he can from the Bush Administration. Sounds like Maliki is now every bit as capable of destroying his country as has been the Bush Administration. Sounds like Bush should realize that his work there is done, and that the occupation can now end.

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