Saturday :: Apr 5, 2008

Saturday Night Slapshot // Open Thread

by paradox

Good evening, gentle people. A day of rest on the blog in a restless nation, that’s just the way it shakes out sometimes.

Blogging has always been my great hope to change the political discourse of our great country, a ridiculous longshot, yes, but at least it’s been something. But I’m still shocked that the phenomena has penetrated social consciousness to the point where readers would get tattoos over a blog game, this time Holden’n Atrios’s presidential popularity pony gig.

They look like real tattoos to me, it’s not paint. Jesus, Holden and Atrios have groupies, for chrissakes, some day a woman will approach Holden and say I’ve been waiting to show you all of these for years, baby. Unbelievable.

Stay well, Left Coasters. See you tomorrow.

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