Sunday :: Apr 6, 2008


by Mary

Scott Horton picked this piece up yesterday and I think it needs much broader exposure.

Recently the History News Network conducted another informal survey with historians to see how they would rate George W. Bush's presidency. This new survey shows that historians are even more down on Bush than they were at the start of his 2nd administration.

It's not hard to understand why that might be. When Bush began his second term many of the worst excesses of his presidency were yet unknown. After all, we didn't know then that he and his administration had:

  1. Enacted a torture state (see Yoo memo)
  2. Implemented the unitary executive theory (see Charlie Savage's series)
  3. Corrupted the justice department by firing any US Attorney who was not willing to prosecute only Democrats for corruption while leaving seriously corrupt Republicans alone. (See US Attorneys scandal)
  4. Appointed clueless hacks to important positions of power to intimidate and stifle knowledgeable governmental officials from doing their jobs working to improve or protect Americans. (See Monica Goodling, George Deutsch (25-year old twerp named to censor James Hansen), etc.)

And that doesn't even go to what he's accomplished in destroying our financial position, our foreign policy position or our ability to address any real problem in the world.

Bush has racked up a legacy that puts him in serious competition for the Worst.Leader.Ever with such folks as Nero who fiddled while Rome burned or Ludwig the Mad who as the last king of Bavaria bankrupted the country trying to emulate his idol: Louis XIV, aka, the Sun King.

What's really sad for us is that he has too many more days available to rack up more points in the competition for Worst.Leader.Ever.

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