Tuesday :: Apr 8, 2008

Catapulting Something

by Turkana

General David Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan Crocker testified before Congress, and something was catapulted. McClatchy has a report:

Crocker said he concludes from the fall in violence that "the strategy that began with the surge is working." He said this does not mean work there should be "open-ended," but that he is working to negotiate a long-term bilateral agreement between Iraq and United States.

Yes. The surge is working. The surge is working so well that we must keep it working forever. Is there a difference between "long-term" and "open-ended?"

Petraeus repeatedly cites "Al Qaida Iraq" in his testimony. He talks about what Al Qaida Iraq wants to accomplish, how Osama Bin Laden has pushed for instability in Iraq and the challenges in defeating Al Qaida Iraq.

"We must maintain relentless pressure on the organization," he says.

Some might want to point out that Al Qaida in Iraq is largely mythical. Some might also point out that Al Qaida in Iraq is largely a manipulation. Some might even point out that what is claimed as known sometimes doesn't even exist. But I also like to point out that even if there is some marginal presence by a marginal group called Al Qaida in Iraq, that presence is wholly Bush's fault.

He said Iran's "lethal support" was a "longterm threat to a "democratic Iraq." The "special groups" were funded, trained and directed by Iran and responsible for recent rocket and mortar attacks on Baghdad. Sectarian violence, he said was a "cancer."

But while Iraqi security force still need to be improved, their recent performance has been "solid."

Once again, yes. Iran is the problem. Everyone in Iraq knows that Iran is the problem. Everyone in Iraq knows that Iran has always been the problem. Bush's puppet "government" in Iraq is particularly aware that Iran is the problem. Iran is doing horrible things in Iraq.

McCain said progress is happening in Iraq, that reconciliation has moved forward. He said much more needs to be done, and Iraqis need to show leadership to rebuild their own country.

"Today, it is possible to talk with real hope and optimisim about Iraq," McCain said. "We're no longer staring into an abyss of defeat."

You have to understand that McCain understands things. He's informed. So, if he says it's so, you know that progress is being made. And it is possible to talk with real hope and optimism. To talk, anyway. Which McCain is good at.

Levin hits the skyrocketing oil and gas prices, the billions of surplus dollars in Iraqi coffers that aren't being spent and the billions in United States expenses on Iraq reconstruction.

Petraeus sits with a soldier's posture, his eyes wide and lips drawn tight.

And one thing Petraeus is definitely good at: posturing.

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