Thursday :: Apr 10, 2008

Don’t Take the Country Down

by paradox

There was no way to know it at the time, but one of the most pernicious, damaging elements of the Clinton impeachment was the instant, implacably automatic impeachment shield granted to the next president (should that president be from the opposition party), for no matter what he or she did impeachment would mean a devastating counter of partisan payback: the Democrats are only doing this to get back at us for Clinton.

“It’s about the lying,” it was said, surely one of the most hilarious rationalizations of the 20th century as the next President told blatant whoppers year after year relating to matters of utmost importance, not personal sex. “Nothing’s changed,” the worst president of all time said on video of his multiple FISA felonies, yet always he is given a free pass from the corporate press, who had even hid news of his FISA felonies from the people before the election. Bill Clinton’s petty personal lies were endlessly broadcast, but the nothing’s changed lie remains eternally buried and hidden.

American corporate propaganda (so laughingly called “journalism”), not surprisingly after 9/11 and war in Iraq, has completely switched into enablement mode for Bush and the Republicans, there is nothing either can do that will not be ignored or hidden by American propaganda. “Where the President goes, I go,” intoned Dan Rather shortly after glorious “victory” in Iraq, earning the trashing of his career and a boot in his ass for all the memories.

The US “journalism” mission for the Bush presidency has been crystal clear from day one: don’t take the country down. The country had in fact been dealt a hideous blow when the Supreme Court stole the election for Bush, but the American corporate press was never going to accurately state that, of course not, nor the fact that through their own grossly offensive behavior the Democrats were now trapped into accepting whatever the next president did. “Impeachment is off the table,” Nancy Pelosi so disastrously intoned, the jaws snapping shut six years later.

Bush weeps and cries (again), this time at a posthumous Navy SEAL medal of honor ceremony this week, but as always the press says nothing, even after throwing all the filth they could muster at Hillary Clinton just eight weeks before for precisely the same thing. The Lincoln bedroom is routinely slept in by rich Republican donors these days, but naturally it’s okay if you’re a Republican. Bush gets a fresh $3000 suit a week, but all voters hear about is the salon bill for John Edwards.

These infuriating examples don’t come remotely close to encompassing the vast scope “it’s okay” in the its okay if you’re a Republican acronym IOKIYAR, literally anything is possible for Bush and the Republicans. The country can be losing two wars, the Fed in a panic as the country falls into recession, Bush at 28% with a record 81% saying the country is on the wrong track, but the corporate propaganda blanket of protection for Republicans never, ever fails. As long as Republicans are in power American propaganda will never actively try to weaken or expose them, no matter what hideous depths are sunk to in this nightmare of a presidency.

I feel for Glenn Greenwald and Joan McCarter, two immensely gifted and dedicated internet writers who have been working with real professionalism on the FISA story for years. The latest sick, horrifying revelation is that the Attorney General of the United States, Mukasey, bawled like Bush while passing on a screaming lie, trying to pressure Democrats to forgive years of hideous felonies.

This is the behavior of a sick child, not one of the most powerful and privileged men in the world, but Glenn and Joan must watch with daily fury as the truth is blatantly ignored, the US propaganda corps has its marching orders and by God they will be enforced, no matter what happens, no matter how many die, no matter how stupid, unlawful, childish or grossly offensive the episode the result is always the same: ignore it, hide it, confuse it, the Republicans are in power, don’t take the country down.

Hiding the truth is in fact the surest way to take the country down, a basic fact of life most five-year-olds learn very well, but one our Republican and “journalism” brethren refuse to learn, no matter the sickening, outrageous scope of their behavior. Fortunately for us all Americans are no longer fooled by Bush and his lies, not matter what CNN tries, with a 28% approval rating and 81% wrong track number the American comprehension verdict is irrevocably in.

Americans see the truth of what Bush and the Republicans have done, even as the press so frantically tries to hide it again with the Mukasey story. Americans see and understand very well what’s happened, and neither the Republicans or the press are going to escape massive consequences for it, Election 2008 will just be the beginning of that process.

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