Thursday :: Apr 10, 2008

George W. Bush - The Most Competent President In Modern Times

by eriposte

At least that is the conclusion one could comfortably arrive at based on the Deep ThoughtsTM of some Obama bloggers and supporters, and based on the Deep ThoughtsTM of reporters from what was previously dismissed as a right-wing rag by some progressive bloggers (i.e., The Politico).

Here's the latest, um, Obama talking-points memo from The Politico:

Hillary Rodham Clinton wants voters to decide the nomination based on who can coolly and competently run the country. She had better hope they don’t study her recent campaign too closely for the answer. 

As you can expect there's a lot more in the article - the usual stories about how she has mishandled her campaign and made serious mistakes (some of the assertions in the article are true and entirely worth criticizing her for - and Steve has written about those follies right here at TLC).

That said, the last time someone ran a campaign very "well", thanks to the corporate media outlets promoting and propagandizing his candidacy, he won the Presidency in 2004. Four years before that, he ran a campaign "well" enough to be appointed President. That person's name is George W. Bush. He is by far the most incompetent President in the modern history of the United States. His Presidency, which the same corporate media enjoyed and promoted forever - often in hagiographic form - has been the most destructive to this country since at least the reign of Herbert Hoover.

I used to remember that the best and brightest "progressive" bloggers used to lament the fact that Democrats were good at policy making and governance and not as good at campaigning and politics. I remember some famous and not so famous people even wrote entire books about this subject. Now of course it is silly season and suddenly these two things are IndistinguishableTM. Some BrilliantTM minds are out questioning how someone who has not run the most effective political campaign can effectively run the country. I will gladly take that to mean that these BrilliantTM minds also believe that Al Gore and John Kerry could not be trusted to run the country better and more competently than George W. Bush. I will also take that to mean that John Edwards, Chris Dodd, Bill Richardson, and Joe Biden cannot be trusted to run the country much at all since they lost miserably in this Democratic primary. Wouldn't George W. Bush be so much better considering his track record of winning? It sure sounds like it, doesn't it?

All ye BrilliantTM minds out there repeating this talking point, might also want to send your hugs and kisses to Jim VandeHei at Politico - long known to reliably advance Republican talking points obediently. In the meantime, I believe I need to take a shower. But, please, don't let that stall the Right-Wing Talking Point Generators.

P.S. Language alert in the post ahead, but Reclusive Leftist rightly says "She's probably a bad driver too". Maybe that's why she needs to be chauffeured around.

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