Saturday :: Apr 12, 2008

Prodding Meta Jesus to Tears

by paradox

I was a little saddened but not at all surprised to the see defiant quit of Scott Horton; I wasn’t one of his readers but obviously many were of what must have been very good work, but after enough time the very difficult blogging platform format busted him. I’ve seen it happen so many times—he’ll I’ve done it myself—and seen enough writers, with the necessary rest away from the heavy chains of the machine, come back yet again to serve with us that I’d be just as un-surprised to see Mr. Horton blogging again relatively soon.

It was pretty funny, after about six months from the 2004 election elements of the blogosphere underwent this rigorous boiling exercise of meta self-examination, so much so that an ethereal, wise, soulful apparition wistfully appeared among us at Daily Kos, Meta Jesus, remember that guy? I can’t remember precisely the rules that Meta Jesus would so gently, persistently lay down to keep writers from straying into regressive self-flagellation in their quest of the holy political pixel, but they always would and then Meta Jesus would cry, the poor guy was weeping in the threads for months.

Maybe I can make him show up again since I don’t remember the meta rules, I really liked that guy, for of course I’m going to talk about Us this morning, the readers and writers of blogtopia, meta forever, baby. It’s just as interesting as the politics we so fervently serve, trust me.

The Daily Kos 4.0 Ruby platform pilot is running—I keep a fairly vigilant watch on the rec list there and keep waiting for the news to hit, but for some reason it hasn’t, maybe I missed it. Whatever, it’s here and I’m tremendously excited, it’s a fantastic end user experience with an awesome database schemata of vast potential, a pretty design and admins fanatical in their service to readers.

Daily Kos is going to be around a long time, I’m thrilled to say, I’ve always been an active member there despite writing for The Left Coaster, I like it there (to understate it, yes). One of the features of 4.0 are “fanposts,” short-format posts that are perfect for video contributions, that part of the revolution is finally here and the site integrates it beautifully.

Soon after some final adjustment the model will flip to political pixels and we’ll all get to use it, hot damn here we come, GOP! The ability of Markos Moulitsas to successfully produce successful site architecture for the advancement of liberal politics is one of the reasons I will always greatly admire him, support him, assist his people, and try to help in any way I can, no matter what happens. Where would we be without Daily Kos? That’s why I always show up.

Speaking of successful site implementations, quick congratulations to Mustang Bobby and Melissa McEwan for the new shakesville, a clean, simple design of elegant beauty and adherence to the end user experience I enjoy every day. Thank you.

Anyway, the new implementation of Daily Kos and enhanced platform for participation/input will force more out into the open an identity issue for blogtopia that I’ve been watching for a long time: as we construct and participate in the new medium of http, how much of it will truly be new and a real organic expression of American people, versus merely an extension of the media and political structures that existed before?

Very wise voices have raised concern during our long primary journey that certain elements of blogtopia have become obdurate encampments perpetuating politics we’re supposed to be changing, not continuing. I don’t have the faintest clue what to do about that, I’m not being critical in the least, I just worry about it.

How could it be that our mission could only be an alternative to current American corporate propaganda “journalism?” Of course we must participate, enlist all of our forces any way we can, and I don’t see a way to stop humans from forming “encampment politics” in the ether, it’s inevitable. Hell I haven’t the faintest idea what to do, many have said it very could be a good thing in raising participation rates, I condemn no one at all for passionately supporting a candidate, not hardly.

Critiquing American media propaganda and offering a real alternative to the nauseating fantasy on television and print I and blogtopia will continue to do, make no mistake about that, and after delighting in the Daily Kos 4.0 model for weeks now (I’m a helpless Oakland A’s fan) I’m enormously confident new technology and new site platforms will mean 2008 is the last time our hideous political “journalism” has such enormous power over our political narratives and stories, 2012 will be much better, we really do have that much potential.

I wonder if I made Meta Jesus cry with this. I hope not, he's real good people.

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