Wednesday :: Apr 16, 2008

It's Time To Stop Pretending

by Turkana

It's time to just pack it in and leave Afghanistan. Bush was never serious about catching Bin Laden. He was never serious about defeating Al Qaeda and the Taliban. He was never serious about helping Afghanistan. He was never serious about even trying to help Afghanistan. The war is lost. Afghanistan is lost. And the best the Bush Administration can now do is to blame their failures on our allies. Is it any wonder that our allies are quietly discussing ways to get out?

McClatchy is now reporting this:

While America's attention remains focused on Iraq, violence is escalating in Afghanistan, worrying senior U.S. defense officials and commanders who're struggling to find some 7,000 more American and European troops to combat resurgent Taliban and al Qaida forces.

There are indications that Islamic militants may have adopted a new strategy of avoiding U.S and NATO forces and staging attacks in provinces that haven't seen major unrest and on easy targets such as aid organizations and poorly trained Afghan police.

A roadside bomb reportedly killed two policemen and injured three Tuesday in southern Afghanistan, a day after insurgents killed 11 police officers.

A majority of America's NATO allies continue to balk at U.S. requests to send thousands more of their troops to Afghanistan. At the same time, the renewed violence in Iraq and the White House decision to suspend further American troop withdrawals from Iraq this summer will make it harder for the Pentagon to send more American forces to Afghanistan next year as President Bush has promised.

"I'm deeply concerned," Adm. Michael Mullen, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told the Senate Armed Services Committee last Thursday. "In this economy of force operation, we do what we can. Requirements exist that we simply cannot fill and won't likely be able to fill until conditions improve in Iraq."

In other words, never.

Whatever chance there once may have been to root out Al Qaeda and the Taliban is gone. Whatever chance there once may have been to actually help the Afghan people was never taken seriously. It's the signature failure of the Bush Administration. And unless there's some ulterior motive, there's no reason to continue pretending otherwise.

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