Wednesday :: Apr 16, 2008

Debate Thread

by Turkana

I'll be online only intermittently, tonight. I'll add what I can when I can. Have at it...

Here's the deal- I have family visiting from out of town, and I made dinner. I thought I'd run in and out and watch bits of the debate, and blog about it later. But the local ABC affiliate- KATU-TV- is not running the debate live! They will have it at 8, local time! I don't have time to use the internet feed. The loser of tonight's debate is everyone in Oregon and southern Washington who relies on KATU for their network coverage!

From what I'm reading elsewhere, the debate is obscenely unfair to Barack Obama, hammering him on every trivial irrelevancy. It sounds like he's not handling it as well as he could, but he's never had to deal with such outrageous treatment in a debate. Hillary Clinton has, from NBC, but that doesn't make this right. If this continues, it will be the story of the night. That and the fact that KATU does not deserve its license!

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