Thursday :: Apr 17, 2008

Hypocritical Shrill

by Turkana

That a televised debate revealed that corporate media hacks are biased and unprofessional was no surprise. That the sewage was flung almost exclusively at Barack Obama was. But for Tim Russert's bizarre attempt to knee-cap Obama, back in February, the debate panels have almost exclusively attempted to take down Hillary Clinton. But for the Saturday Night Live parody, and a few honest bloggers, there has been almost no one to decry the relentlessly unfair treatment Clinton has received from various debate panels from various media outlets. NBC and its affiliates have been the worst, yet not only have few called them on it, most in the shrillosphere reveled in it. So, now that the tables have turned, and ABC decided to devote roughly half its debate to making mostly trivial attacks on Obama, it's hilarious to observe the hypocritical rending of garments and gnashing of teeth at prominent centers of Hillary-hatred. Obama didn't deserve this, but many of his online supporters do deserve to be experiencing what they now are.

Because the corporate media always attack Democrats, and always do it dishonestly and unfairly, we Democrats should denounce them for it. Every time it happens. And it shouldn't matter whether or not the Democrat being smeared is one we support. Barack Obama did not deserve what happened to him last night, and the behavior of the ABC questioners was deplorable. But Hillary Clinton has not deserved what's happened to her in almost every other debate, particularly those involving the NBC family of political slime, and the behavior of the vast majority of the corporate media towards her has been almost uniformly deplorable. It would be nice if last night would serve to wake up the Obama supporters who have been so devoted to destroying the Clintons that they have celebrated the media onslaught, and ignored the reality that it will be Obama's turn, once Clinton is out of the way and Saint Maverick is the opponent, but I'm not holding my breath. For many, it would require a cataclysmic psychological paradigm shift to suddenly be capable of honesty and fairness, and to feel protective of two people who are, and have been for their entire adult lives, loyal Democrats. And many of these Obama supporters have behaved every bit as deplorably towards the Clintons as have the corporate media. The Great Convergence has been the single most despicable aspect of this election cycle. Worse than the worst behavior of the candidates. Worse than the worst behavior of the worst of their surrogates. Worse even than the worst behavior of the corporate media themselves. I'm outraged at what happened last night, but to those hypocritical Obama supporters who have been party to the outrages directed at the Clintons, I can only say that you deserve what you're now feeling. It's not poetic, but it is just.

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