Friday :: Apr 18, 2008

Friday Night Fun Times // Open Thread

by paradox

Wazzup, Left Coasters! How good it is to be here again; sorry to have been so quiet lately, but I have been ill again, I’m afraid. At least this time certain tests brought definitive news and, at last, they know what’s wrong with me. Not a clue as to why I’m this way, but finally we know the answer and the fix is relatively easy, I shouldn’t get sick again, we think and hope. It has been a long, long road.

So I have been in this dichotomy all week of gently soaring recovery and appetite, only to get squelched and squished as journalists, for the millionth time in the last twenty years, hurled our political discourse and public framework for policy into the sewer, inevitably to instantly rationalize it with the most puerile and intellectually empty bullshit. Again. Fun times.

The scale of arrogant narcissism twists the knife into the wounds of a seriously hurting country and planet. After all who have died, who have been horribly wounded, who have been cast aside on the winds as refugees, for those who have lost their homes, for all the millions so desperately clinging on to any kind of American life…

Our people mean nothing to ABC, only their sick sophomoric games do, so conveniently always to the benefit of Republicans. I find it very hard to live through, personally, with so much gone wrong and yet one of the main perpetrators of our nightmare (corporate media) unceasingly determined, it seems, with nuclear ferocity to trivialize our politics and people, taking the country down.

They will not succeed. I’ll see y’all tomorrow.

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