Saturday :: Apr 19, 2008

The Pope Didn’t Come to Judge Us

by paradox

As a non-Catholic it was extremely interesting to note the stance of humility in the Pope’s current visit; perhaps as the head of a church embroiled in a putrid sexual scandal he felt stern Christian admonition to care for the poor and stop killing Iraqis for lies would fall on deaf ears. As I watch with remote interest the Pontiff traipse around, doing whatever’s he doing, a Catholic moral accounting of American geopolitical behavior is obviously not coming forth, not on this trip. It’s too bad, we really could use one.

I have not forgotten that we, as a country, invaded and murdered Iraqis for nothing but terrible evil lies, layering a four year horror show of occupation on top since. The American “journalism” corps never says so, Clinton and Obama don’t, the Republicans strut around in a nauseating arrogance like the issue never even exists, and even the freaking Pope won’t deliver the irrevocable moral verdict of the Iraq war to us.

Jesus save us am I unholy sick of it. I know as the sun rises America has done something terribly wrong, a wrenching blatant smash of constitutional and Christian bedrock values and principles with the Iraq war. We are in moral trouble as a country, we need to squarely face the truth of who we are and what we have done or we won’t get better!

How dare all of the leadership institutions I depend on as a citizen fail us by not stating starkly the Iraq war is a spiritual and moral black hole of infinite, real dangers. The idea that I, a laughably flawed person with a past that dictates absolutely zero judgment upon anyone, would have to make this public moral call is outrageous, but the truth is there nonetheless with an infinite implacability, there is no mistake: we have done something horribly, vastly wrong against the race of humanity with the Iraq war.

No leadership, anywhere, can say the plain truth? Whatever, you weak exasperating un-American un-Christian freedom wannabe twits. How utterly sick I am of this moral cowardice and hiding, so basely stupid and childishly regressive.

I’m so weary of walking the earth knowing other humans see me as a rapacious, murdering killing American. That’s precisely how others see us, we damn well earned it and fuck all ya’ll for saying so, I don’t care what the stupid political ramifications might be, I’m an American too, I earned the right to speak my voice and I want honor, pride and honor as an American human again. It’s been ripped away from me, get it?

I want to know America is facing the truth of what we have done. I want to know that for the love of holy Christ Americans will hold Americans accountable for vast crimes. I want to look other humans in the eye, no matter where on the planet, knowing that we are an honest people who are trying to good, even though we have strayed so horribly far.

Apparently this fantasy is never to be. Does my saying so hurt my Party or candidate? Fine. Go to hell, really, I grieve for my country’s mistakes every day, I really do, my citizenship is real, why are little people always ignored in America?

I am sorry, with all my soul and being, to the horrible evil we have inflicted upon the people of Iraq. I don’t know if any of it will ever be made better. All of the leadership institutions I know, all of them, fail to face any elemental facts or truth to the matter. They seemed determined to stay that way, and there’s nothing I can do about it.

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