Sunday :: Apr 20, 2008

American Hypocrites, Greatness Forever Denied

by paradox

Great American Hypocrites
Glenn Greenwald
DMDM Enterprises 2008

As any furious American liberal or Glenn Greenwald will tell you, instant blatant Republican hypocrisy is a bedrock of our horrendous political realm, has been for a long time. Republicans will preach small government yet spend like drunken sailors in office, then rail against the evil encroachment of government over liberty—but given the slightest opportunity turn in snarling authoritarian dogs. Nauseating morality sniffing about marriage and the value of life mean nothing to them as they wantonly divorce and kill with impunity, all their core “principles” shown to be nothing but manipulative lying.

Old news, yes, but new in Great American Hypocrites because it’s finally put together in one place with—at last!—a laser focus on the utter absurdity of the modern American Republican Party, there…is…nothing these complete charlatans cannot completely upend in amazingly brazen hypocrisy. The only core principle left to be daily enacted by Republicans, in fact, is the ability to play-act what a Republican might be, it is not hyperbole to state Republicans have nothing else left. Nothing.

The topic is worthy of a book in the humiliating fact that it’s actually published with the correct identification of the great enabler to this incredulous insane American reality, our sniveling, petty, scurrilous, despicable “journalism” corps, so juvenile in their deliberate debasement to our precious civic life. Sickening all-pervasive Republican hypocrisy thrives in our world because those “journalists” who dare to call themselves Americans ignore it, hide it, bury it, and enable it with plain propaganda.

[Few defenders of the press and the New York Times may point to this story of how the country was lied to for going to war. Just as with the FISA story, I’m very angry and disgusted the story broke well after it had any chance to be useful. My suggestion to the New York Times is to shut up with any rank rationalizations about integrity or competence and break a story about lying as officials do it, not years afterward.]

Thus we arrive at our great modern American tragedy, a huge incredibly wealthy country with 225 years of Democratic and liberal legacy emerging into the 21st century in tatters, debased, stumbling and flagrantly violating core American and human principles everywhere. Great American Hypocrites properly identifies the great question facing all of us this year: with all that has gone so horribly wrong, can the Republicans and ABC really pull off a victory for yet another rankly screaming hypocrite, John McCain?

To the nauseating dismay of us all Chris Mathews, Katie Couric, Maureen Dowd, Bill O’Reilly, Tim Russert and the all the rest of the jackals are going to try very, very hard to make that victory happen, despite the flaming wreckage all around us, even with such a sorry-assed lying political chump like John McCain, a man who never, ever passed up a chance to sell out on anything in his life, always yearning for death, war and destruction.

Yes, John McCain will prance around like some man of principle, it’s just amazing the amount of nuclear arrogance and hypocrisy—not to mention utter contempt for the American people—that mindset must take to generate every day, and yes, the disgusting regression of American “journalism” will wantonly enable him. It’s a horrifying embarrassment to live with other humans on the planet as it happens, but Republicans and journalists are oblivious self-reflection or judgment, we’re going to have to live through it.

Secure in the grim, furious knowledge that this time, Election 2008, that if we do have to put up with it at least it’s never going to work. As DemFromCt wrote last week, the Bush economy is going to strangle McCain while Iraq stabs him in the heart. One day the Democrats will have a nominee and no Republican has the minutest chance against an enraged 81% wrong track public with the war and economy as weapons for Democrats. Democrats who have smashed all kinds of campaign and participation records month after month.

Earnest partners in blogtopia helping them every day, in any way possible, until the election is over and Republicans are ripped into defeat everywhere. American “journalists” are really shallow and stupid enough to think they could somehow, in some way, actually just obviate a reckoning for two lost wars, hundreds of thousands dead for lies and an economy in tatters. Dream on.

Thank you, Glenn Greenwald. My immense respect, gratitude and pride for this great American lawyer, blogger and author knows no bounds. Despite the very powerful Republicans and CNN with humans like him among us we still have a chance to be a real great Democracy again.

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