Monday :: Apr 21, 2008

There Will Be Payback

by paradox

One of the most pernicious, infuriating regressions of our current Republican nightmare of leadership is the implacable refusal of responsibility for any mistake or ill consequence to policy. Traitors to the CIA working in the White House are given a free pass out of jail, officials with untold deaths on their hands in New Orleans are told they’re doing a heckuva job, some poor bastard publicly has to take responsibility for being shot in the face by Cheney, and if things really go to hell Bush has already bought a Paraguay ranch, for chrissakes.

Enabled by a willing propaganda corps Bush and Cheney and all the rest of fun-loving USA felons are going to walk and whistle to happy comfortable lives, no matter how many humans they’ve killed or smashed themselves, America has received that message very well, yeah. It’s still utterly amazing, truly, that as America loses two wars, her citizens watching their homes and jobs vanish at a breakneck pace with gas at $3.90, Republican leadership still has utter contempt for the American people for holding absolutely no one responsible.

Americans aren’t fooled in the least about this screaming outrage, know it like the sun rises. The extraordinary record-breaking wrong track (81%) number, the humiliating train wreck 28% presidential approval rating, or the amazing plummet of consumer confidence (61) all send the same irrevocable message: Americans know what’s happened to our country, even if we never saw a body come home at Dover.

Republicans have a neat trick of rigging the American judicial game with a variety of get of jail passes or simply vanishing from office to Texas or South America, we’ll see, but it’s tragically laughable how they view tough, hardworking, legendary pragmatic American citizens who dearly earn their citizenship every day. So? After hundreds of thousands are dead for lies, jobless and homeless roaming by the millions, our children abused with hunger and no health care—so? So? Oh yeah? So this, Republican Party:

29 House Republicans retired this year, too scared to even run. Democrats continue a tsunami of primary registration and participation that dwarfs the pathetic Republican response. Blithely ignored by the corporate press, Clinton and Obama have built modern internet-era campaigns that are breathtaking in their historical scope, instantly ready to be converted in the general to a machine of never-seen American political power. John McCain can barely raise money without breaking how own law while the RNC is broke and about to jail their thieving treasurer!

One of these days the Democrats will have a nominee, and no matter what’s happened or who it is the marching orders from HQ will be implacably the same: hold McCain and the Republicans responsible for the wars and the economy. The Republicans have given us losing wars, lost jobs, and no health care with spiraling prices just to make everyone a little happier. Hell, not only do they want to walk away with nary a care, they want the leadership to keep putting us through this hell!

The wars and the economy. Day after day, every day, without fail, the wars and the economy. Not even Michael Dukakis could fuck this up, and the Republican Party is going to get strangled with it.

Americans are a good people who work very hard, and unlike journalists and politicians live a real world of consequences with adult responsibilities. When horrible mistakes are made with lies that crush the lives of millions of people Americans will be held responsible for it, and since Bush rigged his American life John McCain and all the rest of the Republicans in 2008 will get the spear for it. Oh well.

That’s Election 2008, crushing Republican defeat everywhere. American citizens will not live a rigged reality forever, they will not, and there will be payback.

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