Tuesday :: Apr 22, 2008


by Turkana

To while away your election day jitters, here are some good readings...

  • It's Earth Day. Meteor Blades interviewed Denis Hayes, who coordinated the first one. He cross-posted his interview to DocuDharma.
  • Over the weekend, the New York Times reported what should have been a bombshell story about the televised media's repetitive use of "military analysts" who are actually Pentagon propagandists. Which would be fine, if the televised media outlets informed their viewers that these "analysts" are Pentagon propagandists. Which the televised media don't do.

    Glenn Greenwald writes about the wider media's failure to pick up the story. Which is a big surprise, right? And also at DocuDharma, LithiumCola did a bit of googling, and found out even more about these "military analysts." It's worse than you think. Many were members of The Committee for the Liberation of Iraq, which was closely allied to PNAC, and whose purpose was to promote going to war with Iraq. Among its members was a certain Senator John McCain. And some of these "analysts" are also members of The Iran Policy Committee. Take a wild guess what its purpose might be...

  • When Hillary Clinton mentioned the idea of nuclear deterrence with Iran, the usual suspects had their usual shrill reaction. Policies are sometimes subtle and complicated. The shrillosphere sometimes lacks the collective intellect to understand that. Big Tent Democrat, with an assist from Middle East Strategy at Harvard, tries to help. Here. And here. And here.
  • And over the weekend at the Big Orange Satan, the underrated MissLaura had a terrific post on the sexism in the corporate media's myopic reporting of what it perceives to be sexism in the blogosphere.

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