Thursday :: Apr 24, 2008

One World

by Turkana

I've been meaning to write about this, and now that it's over a month old, it's long past time I did. At Global Voices Online, Juliana Rincón Parra posted this:

The videocast created by the LBGT Labrys organization in Kyrgyzstan in response to the homophobic Russian Orthodox Church's statements has been viewed more than 409 times within the first 15 hours of being uploaded and is now dubbed and subtitled into English.

As Adil Nurmakov mentioned last March 13th, Labrys, the Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Organization in Kyrgyzstan released a video speaking against the Russian Orthodox Church´s homophobic press release.

On February 14th, an event was organized and press was invited for Labrys' four year anniversary, where they would talk about their past work, the direction they are headed for the future and God’s tolerant attitude to homosexuals, the last part spoken by Rev. Maksim Bratukhin. The following excerpt from Media and public reactions to 14 Feb press conference on the Labrys website.

Go read the excerpt, and the rest of Parra's post. And check the links to Labrys. Halfway around the world, in a nation most Americans probably don't even know exists, the LBGT community is courageously standing up for its rights. One world, one people, one common cause.

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