Friday :: Apr 25, 2008

Obama & Clinton Could Have Earned Gore’s Endorsement

by paradox

As a steward of the Earth growing dismay is the inevitable response to yet another American election cycle where the environment is felled to utter obscurity on the public agenda, trees and fish can’t vote or make demands as they provide revenue for the almighty American capitalism engine, so the salmon and polar bear fade to oblivion on our watch. Clinton and Obama have robustly demonstrated they could give a damn, both of their ludicrous emission plans have end goals of 2050.

Given the enormous scope of change required for a real emissions plan of 80% reduction by 2020—combined with the many extremely powerful market players that would oppose that change with everything they had—is that harsh condemnation of the Democratic candidates really warranted?

The handsome and debonair NBC News anchor Brian Williams, for instance, drives a 482 horsepower car. New 2009 mileage standards of 50 mpg for 2-seaters starting in 2013 means he’ll never be able to buy a sports car like that again, no American will. No Hummers, no Corvettes, no Porsches, emissions standards inevitably mean a drastically fundamental reduced approach to daily living most American politicians wouldn’t dare propose, it’s far too negative and constraining to the American lifestyle frame of reference.

The enormous wealth of the energy companies threatened by environmental leadership should never be discounted. Not only is gross energy waste weaved into the very soul of American life and culture, extremely dangerous and potent political forces would instantly be marshaled against a politician with a 2020 emissions plan. Liberals must win 2008 or there won’t be an America anymore, it’s that simple, with everything on the line is 2008 a wise time to initiate the climate change fight?

Al Gore certainly thinks so, that’s why those nauseating climate change commercials with Reverend Pat and New Gingrich keep ruining my experience of Modern Marvels. I actually like the Sharpton/Robertson commercial but holy Jesus Newt Gingrish always flips my stomach, why does Speaker Pelosi have to sit next to such a foul destructive revolutionary such as him? As if he could ever be anywhere near her equal or peer, God.

We could easily get a great emissions plan for 2020, Speaker Pelosi is absolutely correct, of course, we can create millions of new jobs with energy investments, help the economy again with an improved trade balance, get out of the vicious Middle East oil dependence thumb that so blindly rules us, and finally be stewards of the earth, how easy it all is.

So very easy, yes, but yet both Clinton and Obama have 2050 emissions plans. Both of them would be ecstatic with an endorsement from Al Gore before the nomination, and neither of them are going to get it. Endorsements from Al Gore are earned with leadership.

How I fervently wish Democratic Party leadership knew the acute discomfort writing these facts initiates, the very lonely perch of not campaigning for a candidate, of feeling shut out from the process and somehow betraying friends and heroes who believe and see what I can’t. I was born to be a loyal foot soldier for the Party employing the tiny acts available to be, not this absurd grandiose strategizing to leaders I should have no place dictating policy to.

Yet the truth of global warming and the incredible vistas of great human progression to be had from a 2020 emissions plan utterly forces no other posture. I, too, am a liberal Democrat, I have paid my dues and I damn well get to speak my bit too. I will be there in the general, the nominee will get my $2,300 in 23 hits and my vote, make no mistake about that, I would never forsake my duty to the Party, I hope that’s clear.

I will also fervently continue to believe a 2020 emissions plan is terrific politics, not the least of which is the real brave leadership required to campaign for it. If candidates, party leadership and their supporters want a different response from constituents like me, well, please go out and earn it.

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