Saturday :: Apr 26, 2008

Up Front With the American Voter

by paradox

I was very interested this morning to see Senator Obama continue a quaint little quest for reality in the campaign, a reference to his oft-stated contention that Clinton has not been up front with voters, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. The gross evasion to many basic realities in American politics has been much on my mind lately, and this cute little insistence by Senator Obama for realism won’t change the implacable insistence for denial and fantasy so pervasive in our politics.

Senators Clinton and Obama are products of their environment: a basically indifferent electorate, a “journalism” propaganda corps that deliberately spews fatuous dysfunction, and an opposition party run amok on fear and lying. It’s easy to condemn them for not confronting the disastrous list of unreality that will soon follow, but they are the candidates that must face the extremely powerful and manipulative forces arrayed against them, and for our time and place these are the kinds of Democrats we get.

First and foremost in our denial and fantasy is our great crushing militarism. We are a nation of weapons, wars and death, an amazingly wealthy nation spending half its discretionary spending on instruments of maiming and destruction! Not only is this insanity robbing us of desperately needed social investment, it’s perverted our planetary morals and goals.

We became a great country because we immensely distrusted our military, when the wars stopped the army we was essentially let go. Since WWII our path of nationalistic, interventionist militarism all over the globe has been a catastrophe, and if it made some sense 50 years ago it sure as hell doesn’t now, but McCain, Clinton and Obama never say a word about bringing everyone home immediately and cutting military spending at least 75%, the disastrous fantasy of American militarism will rage on unabated in 2009.

Our second great happy whistle in the dark is the irrevocable fact that the current Executive leadership of the United States is rankly criminal. The President of America is a felon, twice over (for starters) on torture and FISA. Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Feith and Wolfowitz all should have had warrants issued and led away in chains long ago, yet none of these plain facts are ever openly stated anywhere, save liberal blogs.

The great blogger Digby called for a process of truth and reconciliation, a fantasy of reality that is never going to happen in our land of denial. If Clinton or Obama were brave enough to press the fight for prosecutions right now, would the American propaganda machine of Rush and ABC strangle them for it? We’ll never know, understandably neither of them are going to take the catastrophic risks necessary for such truth, so our march of oblivion under terribly harmful criminals grinds on unabated.

The third great tier of denial for modern America is her new Gilded Age, through forty years of fanatic Republican lying about taxation and quack economics we now have a super-class of incredible wealth, the top 1% now hoard a crushing load of resources that should be shared but no one ever talks about. Larry Ellison paid $41 million for his yacht. So?

At least the perversion of nuclear proportions to public finances this denial creates is a well-known fact, as the New York Times editorialized last week neither Clinton or Obama have any intention of balancing the budget or truly advocating real sacrifice for bringing sanity to federal finances. Why should they? The Republicans make an utter mockery of fiscal sanity every time they flap their lying lips and George Stephanopoulos slobbers all over their ass for it, why should Democrats take all the risks in a rigged game they can’t win?

Clinton or Obama will win the general election, when American troops are dead for lies in losing wars with an economy gone to hell not even all the denial of the universe could elect John McCain. How much of our current public fantasy of militarism, criminality and inequality will be yanked back to reality once President Clinton or Obama is elected? A lot more than they let on now, it is fervently hoped.

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