Tuesday :: Apr 29, 2008

In A Nutshell

by Turkana

Anyone who doesn't understand the potential political impact of Jeremiah Wright needs only look at Mississippi. One of the great appeals about Barack Obama is his potential down-ballot impact, possibly sweeping Democrats into all levels of political office; but if today's press conference hasn't quelled the burgeoning controversy, that down-ballot impact might have changed.

Travis Childers is a Democratic Congressional candidate in Mississippi. As James L. of Swing State Project recently documented, Childers has a chance to win a traditionally Republican seat, in the heart of reddest America. But as Jeff Walters of Cotton Mouth reported, the RNCC began running an ad tying Childers to Obama and Wright. Marc Ambinder has the fallout:

Travis Childers, a candidate for Mississippi's first congressional district, told reporters yesterday that Barack Obama hasn't endorsed his campaign, despite an ad by his opponent linking the two and Rev. Wright. Said Childers: "I've not been in contact with his campaign, nor has he been in contact with mine."

A down-ballot Democrat distancing himself from Obama, because of Wright. If Obama's attempt to distance himself from Wright doesn't succeed, this may be the beginning of a trend.

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