Friday :: May 2, 2008

The Candidates on Oregon

by eriposte

Yesterday I mentioned an article by Mayhill Fowler comparing Sen. Clinton and Sen. Obama on their grasp of local issues (Sen. Clinton usually wins hands down). Today, continuing that same theme, Bobbank has a great diary at MyDD - "Change Oregon Can Believe in?". What is it about?

A week ago, I wrote about a 13-page detailed plan, called The Oregon Compact, that Hillary prepared specifically for the state of Oregon...


I am proud of Hillary for putting pen to paper and giving people specific, substantive policy points - let's have a debate about real issues and not just petty politics.  I was sure the Obama campaign would appreciate this, but here was their initial response:

Sen. Obama looks forward to spreading his message of change to the voters of Oregon. We will review and consider the best ways to do that.

It didn't sound very promising.  But a week has passed and, true to their word, the Obama campaign has prepared a document titled "BARACK OBAMA: CHANGE OREGON CAN BELIEVE IN."  So how do the plans stack up?

Granted, Sen. Obama's plan document has a number of proposals worth looking at. But the lack of attention to detail - especially for a campaign awash in money - comes through once again. Just to whet your interest, here's just one example of what Bobbank discovered about the Change Oregon Can Believe In (emphasis mine):

About caring for our Veterans, here's what Obama had to say:

As president, Obama will ensure we honor the sacred trust to care for Pennsylvania's 1.1 million Veterans.

Ha ha ha. Nice cut-and-paste job there by Obama's policy team. Bobbank has a lot more - check it out.

P.S. Also check out Paul Krugman's latest: "Party of Denial".

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